How to overcome ED with drugs and general care?

ED or erectile dysfunction needs an immediate cure. One of the best forms of most resorted cure by the patients is the use of drugs and along with it some general care.

ED cure

There are also some other forms of ED cure such as going for surgeries, acupuncture treatment, herbal treatment.

But, the use of medicines is done on a vast scale and by most ED patients. Some of the names of the most common medicines are Viagra, Cenforce 100, Sildiptop,, etc.

What are the various medicines used in ED cure?

There are various medicines available in the market. You can prefer buying medicines online from numerous well-known and reputed websites or you can choose to buy them from the local medicine shop.

Each of the ED medicines has a brand name and a generic name.

For example, let’s take the example of Fildena online here.

It’s a medicine that contains generic Sildenafil, which is the chief ingredient of the pills. This is also the generic name of the pills.

There are other ED-cure generic substances too such as Tadalafil, Avanafil, Vardenafil being the most common ones.

With each generic substance, there are many branded versions of medicines.

And there is one more differentiating factor too. Some of these medicines are recommended by the FDA and are thus sold as prescription pills while others are not.

For example, Cialis is a Tadalafil generic that is approved by the FDA while within the Sildenafil Family Viagra is FDA approved.

For buying these two medicines you need a prescription but for buying the others you don’t. 

How do medicines cure ED?

Medicines can be used for the long-term treatment of ED but anything exceeding 24 months is considered dangerous.

All the medicines containing any generic ingredient work in the same way. The only differentiating factor is that the time for action is different while the total actionable time is also different.

Let’s take the example of Vidalista 20 which is a generic Tadalafil brand and Silditop which is a generic Sildenafil brand.

For generic Tadalafil, the turnaround time to show off the effects can be quite long, generally up to 45 minutes or one hour. At the same time, the actionable time is up to 36 hours long, with the moderate doses even lasting around 24 hours.

For Silditop generic Sildenafil, the turnaround time is less than 20 to 45 minutes. While the length of time the Sildenafil stays in our body is up to 6 hours long.

All these generic ingredients are PDE-5 hormone inhibitors and work by increasing the flow of blood to the body.

When you take an ED pill the vasodilation actions of nitric oxide cause the blood vessels to ease up and naturally this increases the flow of blood to the penis.

This vasodilation action is generally long until the action of the generic substance stays in our body. This is why you need to keep taking in the medicines overtime to get so[me significant developments.

What are the various general purpose and care treatments?

Apart from the use of medicines such as Fildena 100 online, there are some general-purpose treatments too.

These mostly relate to your lifestyle and health. Take our word you might not be able to see significant changes over a week or a month but the effects are surely visible over a few months.

Some of the general cure treatment which can be done even from home is-

Yoga and exercises

Doing yoga and exercises is one of the best forms of ED cure and has multiple benefits.  You can do yoga and exercises for around 15 to 20 minutes a day, and it does not take longer than that. But what most people miss out on is consistency.

You can easily do some basic forms of yoga such as dhanurasana, mriganasana, and paschimottanasana, and a few others.

Similarly, you can indulge yourself in some basic forms of exercise such as running or going jogging in the morning.

More advanced forms of exercises will focus only on the penis tissues and muscles, and these are the Pilates exercises.

Check out on YouTube to grab some ideas on how these exercises and yoga need to be done. You don’t have to hire a gym or a yoga trainer to do these exercises.

Moreover, the benefit is that you can carry out these even while buying medicines from Arrowmeds and using them daily.

Your diet

Your diet plays a crucial role in your ED treatment. You got to take some significant actions to change your diet if you are suffering from ED.

There is not too much worry, though. All you got to do is check the intake of heavier food items such as those containing a lot of oil, ghee, butter which can increase cholesterol levels or increase fat, both of which can cause ED.

You got to generally include some whole grains, green veggies, fruits, legumes, and lots of fresh water in your diet.

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