How to Handle and Give New Hires a Warm Welcome

It is often the case that employees decide to stay with their company during the first six months from the moment they are hired. Similar to how employers assess the performance of their new hires for the same period to determine whether their chosen candidate is indeed fit for their organization. However, employers usually lack the effort to ensure that their new hires feel welcome in their organization, which is one of the key factors that pave the way for them to deliver exemplary performance. In this case, read on to have a good idea of how you can give your new hires a warm welcome into your organization.

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Be Prepared

One of the primary things that you can do to ensure a smooth onboarding for your new hires is to prepare properly. As much as possible, leverage the digital world and have an online Employee Onboarding System designed for your organization. Through this, all the things that a new hire needs to know will be accessible in his or her fingertips, as soon as they are provided with the access rights to do so. Aside from the mission and vision, as well as the rules and regulations of the company, it is here that new employees can have a good idea of the training programs that they need to complete to be better adept with the skills and knowledge needed for their jobs.

Have a Schedule

Another way to ensure that the new hires in your company are properly supported is to have a schedule that you can adhere to, particularly during their first day of work, where everything is still unfamiliar to them. As much as possible, even before their first day, have them registered or listed already in programs, such as orientation sessions, as well as other training courses like safety training. In this case, you will be able to provide them their schedule for the day during their first day.

Show Them Their Workspace

Make sure that your new hire will already have a clear workspace the moment they are on board. This means that they should have their desk, chair, computer, and other office essentials that they need for their job as soon as they begin during their first day. In case what they will be using is a workspace that is previously occupied by another staff, make sure that it is already clutter-free before your new hire’s first day. During the first day, they report for work, show them the workspace that you have allocated for them.

Introduce Them to the Rest of the Staff

It will be easier to work if you know the names and positions of the people with whom you will be working. For this reason, make sure that you introduce the new member of your team to the rest of the staff so that he or she will know who to approach in case they need assistance with anything. You can even consider dedicating a half-hour structured meeting just for the introductions to help a new hire remember the names of his or her new teammates.

Invite Them to Lunch

The first day of an employee can get lonely, particularly because they are still trying to fit into their new workplace. It is most likely that they don’t know anyone yet, much more so have lunch buddies. To make them feel a warm welcome, invite them to lunch, together with some of the people you usually go to lunch with. This is a good opportunity not only for you to get to know your new hire better but for him or her to get to know you and the rest of the team as well.

Assign a Task

It can be quite difficult to pass the time without doing anything, and this typically happens during the first day of new employees. Hence, you can try to give them a simple task that will allow them to get started. Just keep in mind that the tasks you assign should be appropriate for them to have it completed quickly and efficiently. From there, make sure to tell them what to expect next for them to have an opportunity to get ready and be prepared.

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There are several things that you can do to handle the onboarding of your new hires and ensure that they get a warm welcome into your organization. When you facilitate these things, they will feel more comfortable, which allows them to deliver what is expected of them, or even exceed expectations. In the end, this becomes a win-win situation wherein both your company and your employees benefit from it.

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