How To Build a Desktop Computer That Can Handle Modern Games

Sometimes, our computer hardware can’t withstand the physical demands of modern games because of the upgraded and improved graphics they display. Most game requirements can be very demanding on your PC. You need the right amount of RAM, a strong processor, a decent cooling system, and an excellent GPU. Read on to learn how to build a desktop computer that is fit for any gamer who plays modern games.

Desktop Computer


You need to get a good GPU for your PC to ensure that your games run smoothly. It’s the graphics processing unit, and it’s an essential component that makes sure what you see on the screen is displayed correctly. It helps your processor with rendering the graphical user interfaces to make your screen show you visually appealing designs and icons. This means that it won’t be just black and white lines. It minimizes and prevents screen tearing, allowing your games to look smooth no matter how graphically demanding they are. 


The Random Access Memory (RAM) is another crucial component for your PC. You need to have enough of it to make sure that your game doesn’t lag or load slowly. Demanding games, such as Overwatch, require a PC that doesn’t let it buffer for too long or hinder its performance. The folks at Business Technology Reviews suggest that you read up on each game you play and its requirements beforehand to have better gaming experiences. RAM is the computer’s memory, and it allows the data to flow quickly and smoothly, making your games run faster and smoother. You should aim for 16GB or 32GB of RAM, depending on your gaming needs.

The Cooling System

You need a durable and strong cooling system for your PC. The more demanding games are, the hotter your PC will get. You need to understand the importance of CPU cooling fans and how they can improve your experience significantly. They will keep your hardware cool and safe, preventing any overheating cases that can damage your components.

The CPU and Motherboard

You will need a CPU and motherboard fit for gaming. Most brands have specific ones that are designed specifically for games. You must make sure that the CPU and motherboard are compatible with each other as well as all the other parts. The motherboard is the large and flat piece of hardware that has slots for every component. The CPU is the central processing unit chip that acts as the brain of your PC, and you can’t run a computer without one. 

Toolkit and Steady Hands

You need steady hands and your toolkit ready before you start assembling each part in your PC case. Make sure you have enough screwdrivers, cable ties, and anti-static equipment for safety. Remember to read the manual of each part and follow the instructions accurately. Following a video can greatly help you during the assembly phase.

Getting the right parts for your PC might be a little overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be if you understand what each component does. You also need to figure out the minimum requirements for the games you play to ensure that they will continue to run properly with the new parts you get. Building a computer from scratch will give you a sense of accomplishment. It will also save you some money because getting each part separately will be a lot cheaper than buying a high specification PC that already has everything.

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