How to Boost Your Mobile Phone Battery Life

It’s easy to overlook the importance of battery life when it comes to your smartphone. After all, we are bombarded with a plethora of advanced technological features with every new release. Still, a powerful battery is crucial for many smartphone users who use their device for many tasks throughout the day.

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If you’ve ever been an iPhone owner for a significant period of time, you’ll likely be aware of the common issue of the increased dwindling battery life. In other words, the longer you have your phone, the more quickly the battery drains. This can become a real problem for those relying on their smartphone for long periods, such as for work calls, social media updates, or even playing mobile slots and paying by phone, which can be very battery draining.

As a result, many iPhone owners are often searching for replacement batteries or even upgrading their phones to a newer model. Either way, this can be an unwanted cost, and you may have wondered whether there is any way in which you can maintain the life of your current battery. There are actually a few simple things actually, and if you start following some of our tips today, there is a good chance you will preserve your iPhone battery life.

Stop Overnight Charging

It’s such a common occurrence across households at night time: bed head, one last check of your phone, and then plug it in and recharge the battery while you’re in a deep slumber. Of course, it makes sense: waking up to a full battery ready for the busy day ahead. However, lengthened charging periods such as overnight charging can weaken your phone battery, as the phone comes to rely on the socket.

Charge in shorter bursts in the morning, evening, and throughout the day if you can. It’s healthy to allow the battery to die now and then too completely.

Charge on the Go

While we’re on the subject of charging, nowadays, it is possible and increasingly common for people to carry external, portable chargers around. Some of these can fully recharge your iPhone over and over, and they can be highly convenient for somebody who is on the go often.

Reduce Screen Brightness

A bright phone screen takes an awful lot of work for the battery, and therefore can seriously eat up your battery life. You may have a bright screen setting on your phone and forget to change it at different times of the day. However, there will be plenty of lighting and environment changes where you could get away with a significantly reduced brightness level, for example, in lower light. If your battery is deficient and you can’t get to a charger, try turning the screen brightness down in full of prolonging its life.

Use Airplane Mode

Airplane mode is another excellent trick for when you really need that battery to last. If the percentage is running dangerously low, switch your mode to Airplane. This flight-friendly mode switches off many of the functions which massively drain the battery, such as taking and making calls, 4G, and Wi-Fi. This will help your phone survive until you have to use it or can access a charging point.

Switch Bluetooth Off

Bluetooth is another battery-draining function, but one that we use often. You may have your phone connected to devices around your home or your car, for instance. However, as popular as it is, Bluetooth won’t be in use all of the time, and your phone battery would benefit from it being switched off when it isn’t needed.

Background App Refreshing

Take some time to explore your settings and find out how many apps are set to refresh in the background. Many of those that use online data will do, such as Facebook and Instagram. You will probably not require a background app refresh for many of these, and it’s possible to turn it off. This way, you know that those pesky apps aren’t draining your precious battery life behind the scenes.

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