Different Types of Toll-Free Numbers: How To Select One?

In our present time, most business owners are trying their best to expand successfully, nationally and internationally. Their main reasons include brand awareness and, of course, to generate more sales.


But the idea of expanding seems a challenging one, especially for those startups with a low budget. How can you communicate with your international prospects and customers if your budget is limited? The answer: toll-free numbers.

But what is a toll-free number? How can you integrate one into your existing business? This article aims to provide the detailed information that you need before going for a toll-free number.

What is a toll-free number?

Toll-free numbers are also telephone numbers but with distinct features. They can be dialed by using landlines without incurring additional call charges to the caller. Tool-free numbers grant callers the possibility of reaching businesses and individuals beyond their borders without the long-distance charges for the call.

What are the 4 types of toll-free numbers?

Depending on your business needs, there are 4 types of toll-free numbers that you can choose from. And although there are different choices you can select, they are all designed to serve the same purpose.

1. International Toll-Free Numbers – before, toll-free numbers serve only within the region or country they are specified. And if you are calling from another country, you probably have to pay for the long-distance call.

However, with an international toll-free number, callers can now enjoy the benefit of calling businesses and companies located in other countries without being charged. This also means that a business with an international toll-free number can gain more prospective customers or clients from all over the world. The good thing about having an international toll-free number is that a business can improve its international business presence while gaining loyal customers in different regions.

2. Domestic Toll-Free Numbers – for national or local business presence, most businesses acquire the service of local toll-free numbers or domestic toll-free numbers. The good thing about a domestic toll-free number is that it doesn’t incur any call charges to the callers if they use mobile phones for calling. Normally, call charges occurred once you used a mobile phone to contact international toll-free numbers. But with domestic toll-free numbers, this restriction is lifted.

3. Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN) – a UIFN is a radically distinctive number that is easy to access and free to call from different countries. However, you should consider some elements when acquiring UIFNs.

  •  The number you are using should be fully registered in at least 2 countries.
  • These types of numbers have a single setup payment.
  • Upon purchase, you must use the number between 2 countries for the first 180 days.
  • Don’t expect that all countries are included in the program.
  • Also, remember that if you choose more countries, the cost will be higher.

Benefits of toll-free numbers

Purchasing a toll-free number is so easy as 1-2-3. You don’t have to buy additional equipment and hardware to start using its service. All that you need to do is sign up to your service provider like Telnum and then.

There are countless benefits a toll-free number has to offer to you. Some of them are the following:

  •  Enhance your customer relation – customers and prospects are inclined to talk to someone within an organization for inquiries, concerns, and other issues. If your business can’t be reached, then most probably, your clients will leave you soon.

A toll-free number provides you the capability to communicate with them seamlessly, even if they are beyond your borders. The best thing is that there is no need for your customers to pay for the call via a toll-free number. Thus, gaining their trust and providing them a satisfactory experience.

  •  Improve your brand image – if you think that toll-free numbers only work effectively with big companies and organizations, then I suppose you might be wrong. In fact, toll-free numbers work for all types of businesses – small, medium, and large enterprises.

Having a toll-free number displayed on your website or in your marketing campaign will definitely give you a boost in improving your brand image.

  •  Let your business extend its presence local and international – toll-free numbers, as mentioned earlier, are not only designed to reach local customers and prospects. They are an effective marketing tool if you want your business to be known globally, especially if you are running an online store.

Final Words

The above advantages are just a few that you can get and enjoy from a toll-free number. And there is no wonder why most businesses acquire this awesome type of virtual number to provide excellent customer satisfaction.

If you want to save money on every step of your business without compromising your lead generation process, then there is no better way than to integrate a toll-free number into your daily communication needs. Telnum has a wide variety of virtual numbers, including toll-free numbers that you can choose from. Of course, it will depend on your business requirements and capabilities. 

If you are still in doubt about the type of cloud-based telephony system you need to integrate into your business, don’t hesitate to visit Telnum. Our Tech Specialist will be happy to help you and even assist you in evaluating your communication needs.

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