How to add a second number to your smartphone for business purposes and stop carrying two phones?

Many owners of two phones state that they planned to make their lives easier, but everything turned out the other way around. One phone out of two is forgotten or lost all the time, and it is so easy to mix up gadgets and waste time looking for a necessary number in the wrong contact list. However, how to give up two devices? After all, owning two SIM cards or Usechalkboard is very convenient, especially for business and traveling.

Fortunately, today it is possible to forget about all the disadvantages of having two phones but still save the possibility of using two SIM cards. The best solution is to acquire a virtual SIM card, an online analog of a traditional telephone card. Though the online card is not connected to any telecommunications system or telephone operator, it significantly functions with only a quality Internet connection.

The principle of work is similar to the functioning of the virtual phone number for calls, fax, and messages. By the way, there is one more way to have a second number. It is also possible to get an online card and an online number. It is an excellent option for protecting your data and finances save.

Peculiarities of Online SIM Card and Telephone Number

The purchase of the online telephone number as a second number as well as the acquisition of the online telephone card not just frees you from a necessity to carry two devices but opens new communication prospects.

Benefits of online numbers and cards:

  • No connection to certain gadgets and telephone lines
  • Possibility to monitor statistics and billing information
  • Compatibility with all available platforms (number and card are appropriate for registration and confirmation processes)

With a network telephone number or card, you have a chance to make your communication more manageable and safer.

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