How Robotics Will Change the World?

In the past, people did everything slowly. At best, people created every through sheer willpower and their bare hands. Even with the aid of simple machines, people always had a limit for everything, even though a lot of them had ingenuity and creativity. If it weren’t for innovators such as Leonardo da Vinci, we would still be in the dark ages today.

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These people were often overlooked, even considered crazy by some, as they were way ahead of time. If you notice the blueprints and art of da Vinci, you’ll see that most of them have been brought into existence. Some of his work in the past were: Flying machines. Considered by a lot as crazy as flying was only for creatures. Now, some planes travel at the speed of sound.

Another invention of his was the armored car. In the past, some would see this invention as a crude, slow, and useless thing. Today, the armored vehicle of da Vinci made it possible for people to create modern-day tanks. Perhaps one of the most intriguing inventions da Vinci sought out was a robotic knight. He had employed the ideas of using pulleys, gears, weights, etc. all to create a fully animated robot.

Even up to today’s standards, people would still say that some robots, such as those we see in the movies, are just cinema flair and inventions of a creative mind. However, just like the previous inventions of da Vinci, it’s not unusual to see autonomous robots doing common tasks nowadays.

Indeed, man has gone a long way. From using simple tools to create useful items to using fully operational robotic machines. We’ve come a long way, and it’s easy to say that robotics and advances in technology are here and will bring a significant impact on the way we live today. So how will robotics affect the world as we know it?


When it comes to streamlining, efficiency, and speed, you can count on robotics to do an astounding job. Long lines at the banks will be gone, all thanks to automation and robotics. Have something you want to build manually? Just input the exact coordinates and commands into a program and let a robotic hand do the job for you.

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Expand Horizons

Due to the limits of the human body, it’s physically impossible to traverse dangerous areas such as deep ocean floors, extremely hot or cold places, and even outer space. With innovation and technological enhancements, we can send robots and other machines to do the exploring for us.


Can’t withstand the immense pressure beneath the ocean? Send in a robot. Can’t examine a specimen due to extreme temperatures? Send in a robot. Can’t breathe in outer space, or can’t handle the toxic atmosphere of mars? Send a robot. With these machines in our aid, expanding our horizons and understanding the world around us will be so much easier.

Search and Rescue

Since we’re talking about the capabilities of robots being able to withstand extreme conditions, search and rescue operations are also a perfect venue for them to display that capability. With natural catastrophes looming in every corner of the world, these robots will help with search and rescue operations by scouring dangerous places for possible survivors.

These robots can dramatically increase the rate of survival for people who are trapped in dangerous conditions. Using robots can also lower the risk of danger to rescuers. Instead of braving through hazardous places and adding to potential casualties, rescuers can instead focus on emergency treatment.


Has the idea of wearing a robot ever crossed your mind? Well, exoskeletons are just that. They’re actual robots that you can wear. A perfect example of a highly advanced exoskeleton is Iron Man. Yes, we all know that Iron Man is a Hollywood film, but in the future, we will have iron suits or exoskeletons that’ll have the same features as those of Iron Man.

In today’s standards, exoskeletons are bulky machines that can help a person with disabilities or those who have heavy lifting tasks. The Military is currently looking at the advantages of using marines with exoskeletons that do the heavy lifting in engineering bays throughout military installments all over the world. Even if the idea of Iron Man might be far-fetched, we could soon see these suits provide a lot of benefits to human beings.

Farming and Agriculture

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In this aspect, more and more farmers are now utilizing drones to deliver fertilizer and pesticides to their crops. Not only does this alternative provide a more cost-effective measure, but it also provides efficiency and accuracy. Sooner or later, we’ll begin to develop fully autonomous machines that will safely harvest fruits and vegetables.


Nanotechnology will revolutionize the way people see medicine and engineering. Nanotechnology or Nanotech(for short) is the use of tiny, microscopic robots that can perform tasks and create other nanobots on a molecular level. These small robots can effectively deliver medicine directly to the affected area.


Not only do these machines deliver medicine, but they’ll also be able to self-replicate and form almost anything. These robots are genuinely amazing, and it’s only a matter of time before we’ll see these small guys doing their work.


As the world changes, so do technology and the people within it. In the past, people often used crude tools for creating other tools and items. Now, people still use tools, albeit more technologically advanced. Enter the world of robotics.

With the advances that robotics provides, it’s not hard to see its positive impacts almost immediately. Benefits such as automation, farming, ease of exploration, and rescue operations, are more than enough to help us further advance our knowledge and understanding in this world. Fully autonomous robots in the future will do jobs safer and more efficiently.

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