How has Technology changed Our Lives in the Last Decades?

Technology is everywhere. It is hard to remember a world where the fax machine seemed like a miracle. Yet, this was only about thirty years ago. Looking closer, we can identify many ways technology has changed our lives today. Here are a few that are worth noting.

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A New Way of Life

We wake up in the morning, thanks to an alarm installed the night before on our phones. Does anyone remember what an alarm clock looks like? Once we get to our breakfast table, we open our laptops to read the news online. That is because most newspapers don’t exist in their physical form anymore.

These changes have taken place in the last few decades. They were implanted because of the extremely rapid evolution of technology. If we note one thing about this evolution, it is how well we adapted to it. It doesn’t take long for us to move from one way of life to another. It makes you wonder if there is such a thing as today’s way of life or just continuous changes. But for good or bad, technology has made our lives different. Here is how.

Our Health

In how many ways did our relation to the health system change? It could take an entire article on this subject alone to round up all the differences. But if one thing comes up first, it is probably how quickly we can now be informed of our health status. The coronavirus is an excellent example of how technology evolves ever so rapidly. Two years back, it was difficult to test and discover quickly who was infected. It was an important issue at the time. But today, you can buy your test wherever you live and do it yourself. You get the results in a matter of minutes.

The same is true about the velocity of any tests today. That is partly because laboratories usually have the latest technology microplate reader that can handle close to 3,500 samples in a few seconds or, at worst, minutes. Before, you would go for a test and wait weeks for the results, and you usually get them the next day, only because the information takes longer to travel than the analysis itself.

The Way We communicate

There was a time when we had no cell phones. The UK phone booths are a testament to that. Since they were iconic elements, some of them were kept in place in the streets of London. Back then, you could not stay in touch with the people you loved at all times. Now, unless they are on a plane, you can call them anytime, and they will pick you up. But not only will you talk to them, but you will also see them on your screen. This was out of a science-fiction book only forty years ago. Yet, today, it is normal for everyone. It changed the way we communicate with each other and how we do business. Whereas before, one had to get on a plane to sign a contract in another country, you can now do everything online.

Our Workplace

Although the pandemic pushed the idea of working from home to its fullest, there is no denying that it already existed way before. Most freelancers were already working from home when the coronavirus crisis hit us. Some countries were already changing the habit of going to work in the morning at the office faster than others. Working where you live makes sense for both the employee and his employer. That is because it provides more responsibility to the first and more power to manage his agenda. In return, the company owner can reduce office costs in many ways.

Yes, technology has completely changed how we live and will continue to do so. The important thing is that we stay aware of it so it doesn’t control us. We need technology to work for us by creating better living conditions, not the reverse.

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