How Do You Use Amazonite Stones For Healing?

Amazonite stones have been gaining popularity for a couple of years now. And in particular, women are more likely to feel drawn to these materials.

Amazonite Stones For Healing

Regardless of this, it can’t be denied that the green-coloured tectosilicate mineral is magnificent enough to pique anyone’s interest, especially if you’re well-versed with the amazonite stone meaning related to the pursuit of hope optimism, or even confidence.

A glimpse on the stone’s history

As surreal as it sounds, amazonite stones have actually existed even back in the ancient times of the Egyptian empire.

It has embarked on their culture that the tomb of the late King Tutankhamun was later decorated with amazonite inlays. Moreover, the Egyptians have created their own jewellery and beads from the same stone.

The stone was initially known as a green feldspar before a mineralogist named Johann Breithaupt renamed the mineral back in 1847 to what we know as the “amazonite” today.

Evidence suggests that amazonite stones were also discovered in the regions of the Amazon, where its inhabitants, particularly the female tribal warriors, used the stone as an accessory to their protective shields starting from the 10th century B.C.

Could an amazonite stone heal you?

Whether or not you’re a believer in the magical powers of your amazonite stone, many could testify of the healing properties it has that transformed their lives.

These stones are generally used as a material when creating jewellery, but amazonite has a lot more to offer when healing. Owing to the combined water and lead within the stone’s feldspar structure, its unique emerald hue and light green coloured specs have brought the soothing atmosphere of the Amazon River.

So, if you feel a lot of stress lately, you could try to incorporate your stone in your outfit by wearing it as an accessory in the form of a necklace, rings, or earrings.

Yet, if you’re not a fan of this method and would love a bit of secrecy, then we suggest keeping it in your pocket or purse for an extra dose of tranquillity for your daily activities, which we’re aware that you need the most in these trying times.

It’s also a great way to place the amazonite over your heart if you feel like you’ve been disconnected from yourself lately so that the peace of mind could flow throughout your whole body.

On the other hand, you have the freedom not to bring the stone with you at all times. Instead, just lay it on top of your desk in your work environment. Since the stress could be overwhelming and having the stone close to you could be enough to serve you comfort.

Proper care for your stone

It’s a piece of cake to care for amazonite by cleaning it at least once a week to retain its shiny and pleasing appearance.

The cleaning should begin by running the stone under warm water before patting it dry with a towel and moving it to a place with direct sunlight to recharge its healing prowess.

If you have bought a softer stone, your priority should be to prevent it from having any breakage or chips. And then, store your stone in delicate lined jewellery care or box and keep it in a safe area.

You could even add an extra precaution by buying individual bags for each of your amazonite stones for separate storage in maintaining it in the best shapes possible.

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