How do you use a price tracker?

So you enjoy internet shopping. Then you must know how annoying it is to keep track of your costs on all the things you’re considering purchasing. So stop worrying; price tracking tools can assist you in finding the answers to all of these queries.

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You can use price tracking tools to maintain tabs on online product costs. The greatest Amazon Price Tracker Chrome extension allows you to compare costs on a number of well-known and well-liked online sales platforms and receive notifications when things reach your preferred price.

What is a price tracker?

An online tool for tracking pricing compares, evaluates, and tracks product prices across several websites. Users receive alerts when product prices change or new online offers become available.

Tools for tracking prices are plentiful. While other tools offer a thorough pricing history for particular products, some let you compare prices from several sellers. Some apps can even assist you in finding the finest offers from neighboring stores.

There are numerous price-tracking software options on the market, each with unique features and functionalities. Price notifications, tracking of past prices, and tools for price comparison are some of the most used services. Using these features, businesses can make better price judgments and maintain market competition.

How can you install it?

Using a price tracker plugin allows you to monitor the most advantageous time to buy a product without incurring additional costs. Install any extension on your web browser by following these easy instructions.

  • Install the extension by opening Chrome Web Store in that browser.
  • To add it to Chrome, use the Add to Chrome option. Furthermore, when prompted to install, select the Add extension option.
  • The extension is automatically enabled once the installation is finished.
  • You must now go to your preferred e-commerce site, such as Amazon, and conduct a search for the item you want.
  • Below the product name, you’ll see a further Price Graph button. To display all pricing variations based on time, click this button.
  • The minimum and maximum pricing ranges for the item you want to buy are available here for analysis.
  • To warn you of any price changes, you may also click the Add button on your screen to add it to the extension. An account must be created on the chosen website for this.
  • Use this information to manage your purchase’s timing and price to get the product you want while spending less.

Why do you need a price tracker?

  • As A Seller
  • Monitoring the prices of rivals

To change your pricing strategy, competitive price tracking teaches you the price of a product and where your rivals stand. Price tracking solutions gather information from many eCommerce businesses and marketplaces and offer it on a single pricing dashboard so you can assess how your prices stack up against your leading rivals.

  • Price history tracking

Using a price history report, you may learn how frequently and how much your rivals’ prices change. Additionally, you may compare historical trends from the last several years to observe how their costs have changed. Of course, monitoring for price changes every hour is impracticable and ineffective. With eCommerce pricing reports, your alerts will be sent immediately to your mailbox.

  • Boost your profit margins

Contrary to popular belief, price trackers do not seek to reduce prices. You may create an excellent pricing plan by using a price tracking tool to understand pricing precisely. It will aid in your decision-making to maintain your price within a desirable range to maximize sales and profit margins.

  • As A Buyer
  • Never miss a great deal.

When it comes to internet purchasing, prices are liable to change. When determining when to buy a product at the best price, it is crucial to maintain track of the pricing. When you realize you missed a great offer, it gets even worse. You require internet pricing tracking tools for this reason.

  • Be well-informed

Websites that track prices are beneficial from the buyer’s perspective since they assist them in making well-informed decisions. These tools can be used to compare when individual retailers have lowered their prices compared to their rivals, enabling the customer to know where the product is the cheapest at that particular time.


There is a lot of knowledge to be gained from a price. Although it may seem like a flimsy approach to gauge worth, price provides a wealth of information on how products interact with one another across the entire market.

Using digital pricing tracking tools as a business is a flexible tactic that supports the expansion of your company. In other words, you increase the effectiveness of your price-setting decisions, your pricing monitoring, and the productivity of your staff. As a consumer, price tracking tools make it simpler and less challenging to keep track of costs. They also provide information for pricing decisions.

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