Download ad blocker: what should the user pay attention to?

How to remove ads in games on Android and get rid of pop-ups and constant viruses? There is only one solution – install a multifunctional and versatile blocker. It will cope with ads, secure your data and provide conditions for working with the site or app. In this article, we will look in detail at the features of the blocker that you should consider when choosing the right option. 


Protection of personal data 

Advertisers collect data from cookies to track user activity, personalize ads, and increase click-through rates. The privacy of personal information during Internet surfing or online gaming must be ensured at a high level. 

Block ads on Android and other operating systems are designed to control the amount and type of data transmitted and prevent personal data from leaking into the network. Many programs use an encrypted VPN connection as an additional guarantee of user data security. 

When choosing a special software, ensure it protects against phishing attacks and links to malicious sites. Stopping ads on Android VPN won’t help, but it’s easy to handle hiding information and current location from sites/apps. 

Removal of different types of ads

The main reason for installing a blocker is annoying, irritating, and numerous ads in games, browsers, and any apps. A real “helper” in this struggle is obliged to remove banners, pop-up videos, and marketing inserts wherever they appear. 

You can improve your device’s performance and save Internet traffic with a phone ad blocker app. When such a program works properly, all ads will disappear, speeding up users’ Internet surfing and keeping them safe from viruses. 

Availability of a free version or trial period 

A free ad blocker with extensive functionality that removes marketing banners in apps and browsers is ideal. As a rule, most such programs offer free versions with limited features and premium versions with full tools. There are also ad blockers in Android apps with a trial period and a paid rate afterward. 

Focus on the list of features and the level of virus protection when choosing these programs and extensions. After trying the free version, you will appreciate the principle and effectiveness of the blocker. 

Compatibility with operating systems and browsers

A good blocker is a one-stop shop for any digital environment. It should block ads in Chrome on Android and remove intrusive banners in mobile apps. When using the blocker as a browser extension, you should check your Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Opera compatibility. If you want to install the blocker as an app, it is better to choose one option suitable for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. 

Use a no-ads app along with popular blockers

We provide a rating of such programs to help you with your choice: 

1st place – AWAX

  • blocks ads in apps;
  • free trial period;
  • data protection on PCs and mobile devices;
  • has a built-in VPN service;
  • available for download in the Play Store and the official website.

2nd place – AdAway

  • blocks all malware and advertising;
  • uses VPN on unrooted devices;
  • works correctly on websites but is ineffective in apps;
  • without root access, there are fewer possibilities for blocking;
  • cannot be downloaded in the Play Store.

3rd place – Blokada 

  • no need for root access;
  • local VPN connection;
  • the free version does not contain the mandatory functionality;
  • expensive paid offers;
  • low ratings among users. 

We chose the best site blocker for Android based on functionality, features, and reviews about AWAX. Ensure safe Internet surfing without annoying ads by installing an effective blocker app! 

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