Five Top Video Platforms: What You Need to Know

Whether you are interested in video advertising or making videos for other monetary or personal reasons, it is essential that you know the steps for creating great video, so that you can produce professional-looking videos, even if you’re not a pro.

An essential part of creating the best videos is making sure that you are using the top video platform to represent your work best. With that in mind, the following are five top video platforms you may want to consider.


Hands down, YouTube is the number one video platform. Accessible and relatively user-friendly, this platform, which has been around for a decade, is used by millions of online consumers who both upload and watch videos. Making YouTube videos is a great way to create rewarded video ads. With the proper dedication, energy and strategy, YouTube gives you the power to build a strong presence for your brand, providing you with the perfect environment to interact with your consumers and the opportunity to reach a massive audience. Free youtube to mp3 converter can help to extract audio data from existing videos.


Facebook is the largest social media network, and you can upload videos directly to its platform. This provides you with both exposure and the chance to make money by integrating brands into your video. Furthermore, many creators and brands love the autoplay feature of Facebook videos. They are discovering that this feature is a clever way to attract visitors to click over to longer videos. Keep in mind that if you want your video in the news feed, which means that it will be seen by more Facebook users, longer videos with higher completion rates are typically ranked more prominently in the social network’s News Feed.


If you like the idea of telling stories with a bunch of short videos and think that this would be well suited to your brand or your creative project, Snapchat may offer the perfect platform for you. This social platform enables any of its users to broadcast to their followers. While Snaps are limited to roughly 10 seconds of video, many of the platform’s top users link together a number of videos and still images that are usually annotated with stamps or text to tell fascinating stories. That being said, keep in mind that these videos disappear after 24 hours, which is one of the charms of this platform and makes it different from other social media. It keeps users coming back for more, encouraging them to check in daily so they don’t miss anything.

Instagram and Vine

If you feel short videos are the way to go, Instagram or Vine would be the top video platform choices. Instagram is limited to 15 seconds of video, and Vine to 6 seconds. While the services share some similarities they are also slightly different. For instance, while Vine videos loop automatically like an animated GIF, Instagram videos don’t. Furthermore, in the case of both platforms, the most successful videos tend to be those with no dialogue but only natural sounds or music. Also, remember that these platforms are primarily aimed at a mobile audience.


More than just a microblog, Twitter has also been pushing its video feature and has created an incentive for brands and creators by rewarding them when they upload to Twitter directly instead of linking out to other videos.

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