Five Science Stocks People Should Be Looking at When Investing

It is important to keep a long-term view of your investments to optimize your return when it comes to investing. Part of this means that to get the greatest returns on your investments, you have to be willing to invest in companies geared towards the future development of the world. This can be anything from biotechnology, to agriculture, to technological advances. So here are five science stocks that people should be looking at when investing.

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Beyond Meat (BYND)

Beyond Meat redefines the veggie burger experience by replicating how a natural burger is made through a machine. Typically veggie burgers use regular veggies and are ground up and blended into a pattie. Beyond Meat, however, wants to take this a step further by trying to replicate how meat is created naturally through raising a cow. 

This company uses advanced machine technology to replicate how cow muscle is created and grown and then uses this replicated meat to create meat-based products without the cholesterol and high levels of saturated fat in standard beef. As the company has improved taste and profit margin, it will ultimately change the landscape and address many environmental issues surrounding contaminated meat and a shift towards healthier meat-based products.

Boeing (BA)

The aviation world is more active than ever, and as many companies work to advance the aviation space, Boeing has and will continue to be the leading air manufacturer. Boeing will continue to work in the aviation space on creating planes that will move faster, all while maintaining passenger safety. Investors will also find themselves lucky to invest because due to COVID, the stock lost more than half its pre-covid value, according to the BA stock ticker symbol. With many COVID restrictions now in the rearview mirror, and aviation making a comeback, Boeing may be an underrated play moving forward.

Renewable Energy Group (REGI)

Perhaps one of the biggest global topics in this world today is the issues surrounding climate change and energy. With concerns that traditional fossil fuels are finite and may be contributing to global warming, there are constant focuses on trying to find alternative energy sources. 

While much focus has been put on electric vehicles and solar stocks, one of the more underrated approaches has been renewable fuels, particularly biodiesel. Biodiesel technology has existed for quite a while but never got mass-produced to levels that could contribute significantly to the energy sector. Renewable Energy Group is one of the few companies that focus heavily on this technology and may significantly under the radar.

2U Inc. (TWOU)

During the pandemic, a lot of educational institutions had no choice but to adapt to online education, something that has been around for quite a while. However, the pandemic has forced institutions to look at efficiency in their business models and have found, so far, that online education delivers a flexible experience for a fraction of the cost. 

The company 2U Inc. is definitely at the forefront of this, as they have partnered with hundreds of colleges and universities to overhaul their online education program. This stock has been significantly undervalued for quite some time, and when the profitability of this company hits, it will be a game-changer for the education world.

Aquabounty Technologies (AQB)

Similar to Beyond Meat, there has been grave concern about fish supply in our oceans, particularly as a function of human pollution and climate change impacting the habitat of fish reproduction. Between issues like the nuclear spills in Japan, as well as overfishing in certain populations, demand for fish keeps outpacing supply and raising costs for fish consumption. 

Aquabounty Technologies has for many years focused on research to genetically produce farm-raised fish using GMOs that expedite the harvesting process. Focusing a lot of its operations in the central United States, where oceans are far away, they have successfully begun to farm raise quality salmon for a fraction of the cost. They have received FDA approval to begin to sell their products. It can be expected that as the world accepts GMOs from a health perspective, obtaining affordable quality farm-raised salmon will make fish consumption affordable to many.

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