Fewer Software Developers are Entering the Market According to Reports

Fewer software developers are entering the market, according to reports. Software development is still ongoing, but computer science majors are a declining portion of those entering the field. Let’s review the reasons why.

Becoming a Programmer No Longer Requires a Bachelor’s Degree

Many people who want to become programmers no longer have to earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science to do so. Computer programming boot camps create “code monkeys” who can do the basic coding in a fraction of the time as CS graduates.

Software Development for the Cutting-Edge Work Isn’t in Computer Science

The proliferation of specialties that used to fall under computer science has led those in cutting-edge information technology fields to come out of other programs. If you want to work in robotics, you’re more qualified in most electrical engineering or mechanical engineering programs than computer science.

Working In IT May Not Involve an IT Degree

Employers are preferring people who have Cisco certifications, A+, CompTIA, and other technician-level certifications for hardware tech support over someone with a college degree in computer science. There are also many people earning company-specific certifications to support Microsoft servers versus a general computer science degree since they can earn the certification employers demand far faster than a general four-year computer science degree.

Web development remains a solid career path in IT, but you can learn these skills without going through a four-year CS program.

Computer science is more theoretical than practical. Working in IT may require a degree related to computer science but not CS. If you want to work in data mining or database management, it may be better to earn a degree in computer information systems or management information systems than computer science. Systems engineering degrees often arise out of electrical engineering departments.

Many graduates working in IT have a bachelor’s degree in business with training in business intelligence, whether they’ve learned how to manage enterprise resource planning systems or perform data mining.

They are working in a specialized area in IT but have never stepped foot in a computer science department. Some business system analysts have an MBA specializing in the hybridization of business and IT. Analysts and programmers working in the SAS programming language for data modeling, optimization of product mixes, and planning schedules are more likely to have an industrial engineering or business degree than computer science.

Computer Science Graduates Moving to Grad School to Stay Relevant

There are some computer science graduates who are not yet in the market because they are earning the certifications necessary to receive the best paychecks in the industry, earning a master’s degree in cyber security instead of an online masters in software development.

There are some with advanced degrees in IT management coming out of business school or other engineering programs, plus an MBA moving into software development management. And a few computer science graduates are remaining in school to earn a master’s in IT management to be able to move up. Others earn an online MSSD degree to stand out from the crowd.

If you are still keen on software development as a career, look for an accredited course online or offline.

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