DIRECTV Internet Bundles: Should You Go for It?

Anyone who loves watching television will agree that the choices available today are plenty, and among those choices, DIRECTV is one of the most prominent ones. However, in spite of its popularity, it is only natural to wonder if it’s really worth it or if you are just better off with plain old cable or a rival streaming service like Hulu or Netflix. As things stand now, DIRECTV is indeed the best option for all your TV-watching needs, and the following points should help you understand why it is so.

Better Video Quality

The most important thing to anyone watching TV is, of course, the video quality of the broadcast, and that’s where DIRECTV takes an easy win over cable TV. The problem with cable TV is that the coaxial cable which is used to transmit the signal to the user has limited capabilities and is often responsible for video compression, which results in lower-quality images on the screen. As DIRECTV is not bogged down by the limitations of cables, the quality is crystal clear, and the uncompressed video signal that it sends to your TV is pretty much precisely the same as what is being broadcast by the particular channel.

DIRECTV Internet Streaming Services

DIRECTV streaming services were launched just towards the end of the last year, and it has quickly evolved into a reliable TV streaming service from thereon. If you ever get bored of watching broadcast channels, you can always switch to streaming your favorite show’s episodes or movies whenever you like, and you can rest assured that they have some fantastic shows in their arsenal. No set-top box or satellite dish is needed for this one because it’s all on the web, just like Netflix or Hulu. As you would expect from a modern top-tier streaming service, you can access DIRECTV from your smartphones, tablets and laptops as well. What makes this deal even sweeter is the fact that DIRECTV Internet now allows the user to bundle the services of DIRECTV and AT&T into one supersaver deal for complete home entertainment. With excellent internet speeds, guaranteed prices for two years, and DIRECTV’s reliable service, it’s pretty much a no-brainer at this point.  Click here for more information on DIRECTV Internet bundles.

Customizable Channels

You don’t watch every channel in your package, so there is no sense in paying for them, but very few providers actually let you decide specifically which channels you would like to keep. Fortunately, DIRECTV is one of them. They let their customers make changes to their individual packages so that nobody feels like they are paying for something they don’t ever watch. This is pretty much the standard that every service provider should bring themselves up to.

4K Content

While Full High Definition (1080p) was the standard for television sets and service providers until just recently, Ultra High Definition (2160p) or 4K has now taken it to a whole new level with four times the resolution of the standard 1080p signal. Granted that it isn’t as widespread yet as it should be in 2017, DIRECTV is still your best source for 4K entertainment. If you have a giant 4K TV then it is being wasted unless you are using it to watch live sports in 4K resolution on DIRECTV. It’s an experience that will ensure that you will never want to watch sports in any other way.

Customer Satisfaction

Finally, we come down to the most crucial factor when it comes to choosing any service, and that’s post-sales service. Every broadcasting or streaming service on this planet can experience problems on rare occasions, and that’s to be expected, but it’s on those rare instances that the customers realize if their service provider’s customer care is any good. You should be happy to know that DIRECTV was the number one name on the 2016 American Customer Satisfaction Index, and that in itself speaks for the quality of both the standard service and the quality of the response in times of need.

The points mentioned above well and truly put DIRECTV on the top of the chart when it comes to both streaming and traditional broadcasting services, but there’s even more.

  • You can watch eight separate and live NFL games in HD at once
  • DIRECTV allows 8 TV sets to be wirelessly connected to a single HD DVR simultaneously
  • Pandora Radio stations are part of the package

DIRECTV was already the leader in the broadcast industry within the US, but ever since they introduced their streaming service from last year, they have pretty much become the all-around entertainment package to beat. While the competition is stiff, the services of DIRECTV in most departments continue to remain the best.

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