Family Law Review: Top Mistakes Parents Make During Child Custody Cases

Child custody cases can be unnerving. Winning these cases takes good strategies. You must get the basics right. For instance, hiring a good attorney can hugely benefit your case. Still more, avoid making the following mistakes.

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Behaving Badly

The way you behave can make or destroy your case. Thus, behave well. Don’t lose your cool. Be calm. Don’t be abusive. Of course, divorce cases can be frustrating. However, this doesn’t mean that you behave badly. The court will monitor your behavior. Thus, consider creating a calm environment. Stay away from any physical confrontations. Stay away from heated arguments. Don’t threaten anybody. Violence will only have a negative impact on your case. Remember, domestic violence is not tolerated by the court.

It’s also important to note that drug abuse can injure your case. If you can, don’t drink too much alcohol. Stay away from any form of drug abuse. Remember, you may be required to undergo drug tests. If the court proves that you are a drug abuser, you will be barred from accessing your kids.

Don’t Fail to Pay for Child Support

If the court orders you to pay child support, don’t fail to comply. Disregarding court orders can land you in trouble. Still more, the court will view you as an irresponsible parent. However, if you find yourself in any financial turmoil, communicate. Tell the court to bear with you. Keeping quiet will only make matters worse.

Never Take the Kids for A Vacation Without Informing Your Spouse

Communicate with your spouse on a regular basis. Thus, don’t make any decision regarding your kids without the consent of your spouse. For instance, before taking the kids for a holiday, inform your spouse. Of course, these are your kids. However, your spouse can report you. In the worst-case scenario, you will be arrested for kidnapping the kids. Consequently, you will be denied from accessing your kids. To avoid these issues, talk to your partner. Send him/her a message. Ensure that you are in agreement first.

Never Disrespect the Court

Don’t be disrespectful to the jury. If you show disregard for the court’s actions, you might not get the best outcome. So, try to stay calm. Be compliant with all court orders. Regardless of how much you disagree with the court orders, always be respectful. If the judge orders a custody evaluation, don’t hesitate to cooperate with the evaluator.

You should also be very careful about your dress code. Conservative outfits will make you look official and respectful. Above all, stay truthful. Don’t tell lies. Otherwise, the judge might rule in favor of your spouse.

Your Kids Shouldn’t Come Second

Be mindful of your children’s well-being. Don’t put your needs before those of your kids. Instead, try being considerate about their future. Remember, your kids are completely innocent. You need to prioritize their needs and try to understand what they’re going through. If necessary, take them to counseling sessions.

At this point, you should show a willingness to work with your ex-partner. Allow your spouse to spend some time with the children. Remember, the kids need both of you at these extremely sensitive moments.

Bad Parenting

Be a good parent to your children. The court might consider your parenting skills when deciding your case. So, be sure to show compassion to your kids. For instance, you should select your babysitters carefully, utilize care seats for the younger ones, avoid corporeal punishment, and only watch appropriate movies with your kids.

Quality Time With Them Will Help

Spend quality time with your children. Pick them up as agreed and don’t be late to drop them back. Your spouse is probably recording your mistakes and will definitely bring them up to the court in an attempt to make you look like a neglectful parent.

Neglecting Status Quo

Another important aspect that the court will consider is the status quo. If you allow your spouse to spend more time with the children, then the court might be reluctant to change that situation. They might assume that both of you are comfortable with the current situation. So, be very careful about your undertakings. Be, watchful of the status quo.

Leaving Marital Home

Don’t leave your marital home. As much as you may be tempted to leave, try not to do so. If you leave, your spouse will stand a better chance of gaining custody. Your decision to leave will be considered to be an offense. You’ll be seen as an irresponsible parent who chose to abandon his or her children. As such, your ex will be given custody of the kids.

However, if you must leave, take the children with you. Then, make sure that you create a new, healthy home for them. This might give you an upper hand in your custody case.

Not Hiring a Good Lawyer

Hire a professional attorney like Younce, Vtipil, Baznik & Banks, PA. Although you can represent yourself in court, it’s always advisable to work with a legal expert. Disclose everything to your lawyer and he or she will try their best to help you gain custody of your children. Lying to your lawyer can only make things worse for you.

Plus, you should desist from saying bad things about your ex. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make. Not only will this affect your kid’s relationship with the other parent but it’ll also reduce your chances of winning the case. Always bear in mind that whatever you say about your spouse can completely ruin your children’s future.

The Bottom-Line

You love your kids, right? However, things aren’t working between the two of you. You have now decided to part ways. You want to petition the court to grant you child custody rights. Well, that’s a good move. However, there is a problem. Not all parents win child custody cases. Simple mistakes reduce the odds of winning a child custody case. Avoid making the above mistakes if you want to win your child custody case.

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