Exploring the innovations and case studies of AI in business

We live in a time when we’re not surprised to hear other people talking to a device instead of to a person. It all started back in 2011 with the introduction of Siri and later, Alexa. Experts knew that this technology would do well, but they did not predict. More and more professionals use it for everyday tasks and now people decide to utilize it in their offices. But what exactly does this mean for the future of the tech world?

Who says your virtual assistant can only connect to other apps on your devices? This technology can already do much more and it will continue to evolve in the upcoming years. If you had a chance to try Alexa, you know that it is integrated into a variety of products – from smart TVs to refrigerators. Google has finally announced the recent tech news called Google Assistant Connect. With virtual assistants like this, professionals will be able to get their work done better and more efficient. This is exactly why we expect to see even more voice-enabled opportunities being live in 2020.

Changing all industries, one by one

Voice interface technology will change almost every business out there and that is a fact. You can access every information using only your voice. Let’s say you’re into online casino gaming. While some casinos have started using biometric security in the form of facial recognition, we are confident that casinos would benefit from implementing voice in terms of search options and security measures. For example, you might give your virtual assistant a command to find you the top-rated slot game inspired by the Egyptian culture. Very soon, the voice assistant would introduce you to the gameplay, ratings and players experience of the Egypt-inspired Eye of Horus slot game. Not only that, but the technology behind the voice search will also take you to the best online casino website where you can check out and play this game. 

Voice recording as it exists today does not provide the value and the quality needed to drive insights into the true intent of each activity. With proper AI and analytics behind it, there is a great potential to overcome the most advanced security challenges with conversational AI.

Biometric recognition, especially voice, when combined with AI is very difficult to imitate. In fact, experts commented a few years back that the way a voice sounds to the human ear is very different from the way it sounds to a computer. It will be impossible to recreate all of the physical and behavioural aspects of someone’s speech and voice ID. While security at casinos, both online and land-based is already high-level and sophisticated in some ways, this is an industry defined by a significant amount of liquid capital, so there is no space for hypotheses. Take into consideration that the Nevada Gaming Commission requires all casinos in the state to have enough income onsite to cover every chip on the casino floor. For the large casino providers, this means they have nearly $70 million during the weekdays and up to $100 million on the weekends.

Digital marketing and advertising

We came to a point where every business has to have an online marketing strategy in order to be successful on the market. If you haven’t transferred your business online yet, chances that you lag behind your competitors are very high. On the other side, endless flows of ads come across all online platforms. Such aggressive advertising can be irritating, annoying and achieve the opposite effect. The goal of a good marketing strategy is to offer what consumers really need, based on their interests, age and lifestyle. 

Digital advertising as we know it may never be the same once voice interface makes the next step. Companies are aware that over 20% of the browsing activities are now done by voice search. This is a potential opportunity for creating content that is not just visually, but audibly attractive. The results will appear in audible format, so expect virtual assistants to deliver optimised content marketing in the future. Both visual and voice search will impact SEO, so be prepared for more changes in the marketing industry.

Speech-to text conversions

Ever since the Ais features first emerged, they had a huge impact on the technology and entertainment sector such as gaming and telecommunication. However, now when the voice interface technology is gaining a lot of attention, it’s bound to affect our activities even more. Not so long ago, Google released an AI-driven tool that converts audio to text using a set of algorithms. This means that the voice feature does much more than just helping along with the search. These speech-to-text tools allow you to take notes on the go or write without spending time typing them. With the voice-enabled features evolving very rapidly, we can only try to predict what these innovations will be able to do in a few decades. Devices and technology that support voice search will adapt and innovate as more consumers will start relying on their voice rather than typing.

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