Esports Betting in 2021

The difficulties with elite level sporting throughout the early months of 2020 certainly left a strain on the betting markets of more traditional sports. With uncertainty into 2021, for some, that uncertainty hasn’t gone away. One sporting market that has remained very stable and even thrived throughout has been within esports; however, a growing number of opportunities for fans and punters have led to a huge surge of viewership for the biggest esports titles. The transition from traditional sporting to esports is much easier than many think too, and esports betting could provide your next big hobby in 2021.

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A growing number of events

With the growing number of games that have become popular and available, which also means more to watch and more to bet on – the first comes as soon as the end of February with IEM Katowice 2021 but will only be the first in the long list of events throughout the year. Other more popular titles have also recently made transitions away from an older platform that made events and viewership more difficult to the more popular PC platform, with the call of duty review at showing how the transition has helped the game and helped punter prospects too.

Easy to watch, easy to bet

Unlike elite sporting events tied behind certain channels on TV or paywalls, esports are free to watch on the big streaming platforms like Twitch, making viewing and betting much easier. Although some events may fall a little out of your time zone, particularly if you’re looking at the bigger international events in North America, many are helped across Europe and so will fit nicely into your schedule – the biggest operators are all now offering esports betting markets too across all of these events, so you can bet easily and safely with a preferred service, whilst also viewing for free too.

Stats to back up your bets

Betting has also become all about stats – knowing everything you can about individual players and teams to inform a decision has become a hallmark in the biggest markets, and esports is the same with over a decade worth of statistics to back up the biggest players in the biggest games. If you’re a new fan, these stats will give you all of the information you need to ensure you’re making the smart bets and helping influence choices where you may be unfamiliar and is in part what has helped make esports betting so attractive to a growing number of fans who’d otherwise stick to traditional sporting.

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