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Computer technology has deeply integrated into the daily routine lives of people all over the globe. Whether you are a business owner, a bus driver, or a writer – IT and internet digital applications seem to become inseparable from our leisure and work life.

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Recently, Artificial Intelligence has made substantial progress and GPT technology is one of the results of AI breakthroughs. Likewise, you can ask an intelligent assistant to create a text or an article for you based on a specified topic and other criteria. However, that is not the only thing AI can do. For example, Email writing AI has recently been released on their official platform This unique service offers you an efficient email experience with AI and can become a reliable email assistant in your daily tasks.

Summary of Email Writing AI Functions

AImReply is indeed a beneficial platform for those, who would like to optimize their time, while improving the overall quality of emails they write, without neglecting the grammatical aspect of the mail text. Email assistance provided by the GPT technology carries out an in-depth evaluation and study of your topic, identifies the suitable vocabulary and style, as well as creates grammatically appropriate emails that can be sent to your recipient without delay. The entire process doesn’t take a lot of time and allows you to update, inform, and engage your receiving party in an efficient and time-saving manner. You can start the email communication with AI right after the registration at the AImReply platform.

New Email Section

The entire website is constructed in a cozy and straightforward manner, so you can easily find your way around even if it’s your first time. There are two main sections available for your utilization: New Email and Reply.

Upon opening the New Email section, do the following:

  • Open the email generator form.
  • Ensure you specify major preferences and accompanying data related to the mail to be generated by the AI.
  • Launch the email intelligent assistant and receive your new email right away.
  • Proceed with sending the generated email to respective recipients.

Reply to Email Section

Upon opening the Reply section, do the following:

  • Access the email from the inbox list that you want AI to generate a reply to.
  • Provide your objectives or let the email assistant suggest you the best options.
  • Without delay, receive the correct reply to your email.
  • Proceed with sending the generated email reply to the corresponding person.

Overview of Email Writing AI Advantages

Email Assistance offered by Artificial Intelligence is a substantial game changer for those who deal with large volumes of email communications on a daily basis and value their time as well as quality. Email writing AI is now available as a web version, Google Chrome extension, and version for mobile devices.  It can fulfill all your objectives in a grammatically correct format and without taking a lot of time.

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