Edward Murphy was an engineer, and his law is also available in software engineering

The whole universe functions according to certain applicable rules. Software development is not special, it must follow the same rules.  Among them, we find a set of famous laws and principles, valid from large to small fields.

software engineering

As time goes by and technology develops, the field of software development has grown in importance and has gathered more and more enthusiasts. Thus, they created their own universe, governed by its own procedures, habits, that might seem as powerful as the laws of existence, but no. IT outsourcing and software development services are not excluded from the generally strict rules of existence.

Below you will find three of the most famous universal laws and how they are applied in software development and, of course, the first is the most popular one 😊

Murphy`s Law

I think we`ve all heard, at least once, about Murphy`s Law:” If something can go wrong, it will.” But what would a developer say about this? He would certainly agree with engineer Edward Murphy, saying that a code which works from the first is probably incomplete. Keep on working!

Pareto`s Principle (The 80-20 rule)

Pareto emphasized by its principle that 80% of the effects are produced by 20% of the causes. For developers, this principle is paradoxical, because it is a misfortune to have problems with the functionality of the code, but luckily 80% of the problems are based on 20% of the code only. Keep looking for that bug!

The 90-10 rule

Any developer faces this rule while writing the code – 90% of the code takes 10% of the time, and the remaining 10% of the code takes 90% of the time. Keep on focusing!

Although software development is governed by universal laws, this field involves much more than that. The interface we see is like the iceberg seen from the above of the water, while most of it is under the water, more exactly – the code that gave the software the possibility to work.

In conclusion, all developers have something to learn from these principles, whether they have faced them or not in their projects. The most important thing is to finish the code writing before the deadline because in most cases, the software will not work from the first! Good luck!

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