Ecommerce Website Design

E-commerce website designs are websites designed to sell products and services. These websites are designed to have shopping carts, product pages, and checkout processes. These websites are designed for people who have products or services to sell. They are designed to be easily accessed by people who want to buy those products and services.

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These sites are designed by professionals or by the companies themselves. There are many ecommerce websites you can find online that are also created by amateurs. There are so many programs that almost anyone can design an ecommerce website.

            This article will share some hints about creating ecommerce websites on your own. You can always hire a professional to do it for you, but you can save some money by doing it yourself. You must know all the things to include on your website.


1. Keep it Mobile Responsive

Many people will use their mobile devices to look at your website, so you need to make it mobile-friendly. If the customer cannot get to all the pages of your website and order things from their mobile devices, they may move on to another website. They will usually not take the extra time of going to a computer to see what you have to sell. They want convenience, and that means they want to be able to use their mobile devices.

2. Put Your Top Products Front and Center

You want your customers to see your top products first, so you will want them to be front and center of your website. You want your customers to see the best products you have to offer, and you want those products to be seen easily. These are the products you want to sell the most and usually the ones that customers want the most. It would help if you made them easy to find so that your customers can find them immediately.

3. Use a Pop-Up Sign Up Sheet

As your customers view your website, you want them to sign up for emails about your latest and greatest products. Many of your customers will sign up for these emails if you have a pop-up sign-up sheet. They will then continue to view your site for the products that they are looking for. These emails can bring you more regular customers who will often return to your website when searching for your products.

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4. Remember SEO Best Practices

You must remember all the SEO best practices to have a successful website. It would help if you remembered to place keywords throughout your site so that you can draw customers to your site. You will want to use product descriptions that will lead new customers to your products. You will also want to use whatever built-in SEO tools are available for you to use from the website. These will all help you to bring new customers to your site.

5. Use Great Images

You want awesome images to bring those new customers to your site. You want full-size pictures that will draw attention to your site. There are many royalty-free sites for pictures that you can use or take pictures of your products. You could also hire a professional to take pictures of your products. You can also take more than one picture of your products and put them on a slideshow to show different aspects of your product.

6. Simplicity is Key

You do not need to make your website full of every detail of your product and business. You do not want to make your website difficult to navigate; the more difficult it is, the more customers will want to leave it. Make it simple and easy to navigate to keep customers involved and looking at your products. Drop-down menus and simple navigation tools will help you keep your customers interested in your products.

7. Use Scannable Content

You want your customers to be able to scan your website to find what they are looking for. You can make this happen by having multiple short paragraphs with big headers that show your customers what they are looking for. You can also do this by having numbered lists that customers can click on to find what they are looking for. Again, use lots of images so that customers can immediately see what they are looking for.

8. Keep the User in Mind

You want your customer to keep coming back to your shop, so ensure that you keep their interests in mind. Make sure the site is easy to navigate, use lots of color and images, and make it easy for them to buy from you. Here are some examples of good eCommerce sites: Doing these things can keep the customers returning to your shop. You could also refer them to your social media sites and find ways for them to leave feedback that you then use to improve their shopping experience.

9. Be Honest About Pricing

Lying and using bait-and-switch tactics will have customers leaving your shop quickly. You want to be honest and upfront about your pricing. If you add shipping and handling fees, taxes, and other fees, be upfront, so your customers know what to expect. If surprising fees are added at the end of the cart experience, your customers will leave their items in the cart and go to your competitor. Just be upfront and honest about all your fees; they will understand and continue shopping with you.

10. Remember, Your Goal is to Make Sales

Your ultimate goal is to make sales and keep your customers coming back so that you make more sales. You want to ensure that your website is easy to navigate and fun to see. You want your customers to interact with your site, and you want them to ultimately buy what you are selling. Keep this in mind as you design your website.

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