DullRazor – digital skin hair shaver

DullRazor uses image processing techniques to analyze and segments skin areas with dark hair. This program removes dark hair form images and makes skin lesion images clean to further processing.





Many skin images contain various numbers of hairs. Other skin segmentation programs may mislead because of hairs – especially dark ones. One solution can be shaving skin before taking pictures of it. But shaving of skin adds more time to processing, and this is uncomfortable and, in some cases, unaesthetic.  Hence, a software approach for dark, thick hair removal from skin images are needed.

There is only one program window:


DullRazor performs the following steps:

  1. It identifies the dark hair locations by a generalized grayscale morphological closing operation,
  2. It verifies the shape of the hair pixels as thin and long structure and replaces the verified pixels by a bi-linear interpolation;
  3. It smooths the replaced hair pixels with an adaptive median filter.

The algorithm has been implemented in C on a SunOS 4.x workstation. (The program can be run on Sun Solaris workstations as well.) It has been tested on real nevi images with satisfactory results.

My test on one of the images:





Find dull_razor here.


  1. can u help me? i want source code dullrazor

  2. hi, want source code dullrazor, help please

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