Does Electronics Really Help Us

Electronics is a vast stream. The subject is pervasive in itself. Electronics are the primary source of almost everything that is happening today. The whole working of the items is dependent mainly on the electronics base. In our daily lives, we can see uncountable examples of the number of electronics used around us. From our environment itself, we can see how electronics can find their use in so many work departments.

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Human beings are slowly becoming addicted to the use of electronics in their lives. They have become almost dependant on the machines for their work. For example, the computer is the most commonly used machine, which is the best illustration of electronics in our lives. People have started being dependent on these machines to a large extent. All the work that was earlier known to be done by the people is now seen as to be done by the various devices and also the computer. Such is the help provided by the electronics to the people in their lives.

Besides this, many other examples can be seen which tell us that how electronics has helped the overall development in all fields. Though we can see how important electronics has been in our lives sometimes, it is very frequently argued that is this what is happening good for the people or not. With the wide use of electronics, people have become so dependent upon machines and every electronic material and item that they have become a sort of a slave to them. This is not good as per the growth of a human being. With more dependencies on the machines, they take everything for granted, which is not good. The workload may get reduced, but at some point in time, it is seen that this all proves to be harmful to the person in the future. The use of machines and electronics has also reduced the employment for the people. This is because the earlier work to be done as labor by the person himself is now quickly done more efficiently by using machines and electronics. Hence it has also led to a decrease in the number of people working as labor.

There come many advantages as well as disadvantages from the use of machines and electronics in our lives. It cannot be said that the use of electronics is a significant burden. It has for sure helped in a variety of fields, and the place where we stand today is all because of the use of electronics, which has led to various developments in every area of work. People have hence become used to it. Therefore, yes, of course, electronics does help us in every way besides some minor disadvantages along which it comes which can be neglected to some extent.

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