Do You Need Dedicated Hosting for your High Traffic Website?

If your site consistently experiences high traffic or is growing faster than you anticipated, congrats! That being said, if you’re currently on a shared hosting plan, you’ve probably experienced a lot of frustrating downtime due to a lack of resources. Dedicated hosting would be a natural next step, but it’s not your only option.

Purchasing a dedicated server means that you are (literally) buying full access to your own private machine. This means that 100% of that server’s resources are dedicated solely to your site, which is what makes it so attractive if your site is high traffic. Better still, with a dedicated server, you also get full root access and administrative power over the server, so you can adjust the settings as you wish.

Dedicated Hosting

That being said, dedicated hosting can be costly. While it would be worth it to escape the downtime you’ll inevitably experience with shared hosting; you have another option. VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is a much cheaper dedicated option. Because it’s becoming more and more popular, many web hosting companies that offer shared hosting also have VPS hosting packages, so you might even be able to upgrade your package without having to switch web hosts.

A VPS also allows purchasing private access to your own server. However, unlike on a dedicated server, a VPS is a virtual machine – you’re still technically going to be sharing the same physical server with other people. VPS hosts use a hypervisor to carve different virtual servers out of the same physical server. The virtual machine that you purchase with a VPS is completely private and completely isolated from other servers on the same physical device.

This means that you have full administrative control over your own private server, with access to resources that are 100% dedicated to your site. You’ll never have to share resources with other people on a VPS, which effectively eliminates downtime and supports the high traffic volume on your site. In short, it offers you all of the same perks as a dedicated server, but for far less money because the host is using fewer resources to grant you server access.

Another option for high traffic sites is cloud hosting. Even newer technology than VPS, a cloud hosting package essentially spreads your hosting needs across an entire server network. Simultaneously, cloud hosting is technically considered “shared” because you don’t have the full privacy and control that you get with VPS or dedicated servers. It can actually be a really efficient model for high traffic sites. Because your needs are spread across a variety of servers, there’s almost no limit to the number of resources that can be sent your way if you need them. Cloud hosting packages are often purchased on a flexible pricing scheme, which means that you only pay for the resources that you use. If you’re managing a high-traffic site, this means you probably won’t save much money, but you’ll virtually eliminate the possibility of downtime. In any case, it will probably still work out to be cheaper than a dedicated server. 

Cloud hosting can also be a great option for people who see extreme fluctuations in their site’s traffic. For example, if you’re an eCommerce site selling bathing suits and beachwear, your site is probably high traffic during the summer and relatively normal the rest of the year. With cloud hosting, you might have to pay a bit more during the busy season, but you’ll catch a break during the offseason. So to answer the question – no, you don’t need dedicated hosting for your high traffic website, in the sense that you don’t need to purchase a dedicated server outright. Unless your site is absolutely monstrous, a VPS is a good alternative option that most people now choose over dedicated servers. VPS could technically even be considered “dedicated hosting” in the sense that you are purchasing your own dedicated server, albeit a virtual one. But when you see advertising for “dedicated hosting,” it’s often referred to as a physical dedicated server.

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