Cutting Videos into Parts with Movavi Video Editor

One of the most popular methods of editing videos is to cut them into parts. To be honest, the technique itself far pre-dates digital video, and back when the film was used the actual physical film used to be ‘snipped’ to split it into parts.

The reason why this method is still so widely-used is that by cutting a video into parts, you can remove any parts you don’t need. Additionally, you can also re-arrange the sequence of a video, by moving the parts you’ve cut around.

To cut a video into parts with Movavi Video Editor is really much easier than you’d think. If you want you to get started right now and launch the software, select ‘Create a project in full feature mode’ to open up the editor.

In the editor, you’ll see a button labelled ‘Add Media Files’, and you can click on it then browse and select the video you’d like to edit. When the video has been added to Movavi Video Editor, it will appear in the ‘Timeline’ in the lower part of the interface.

To cut a video in Movavi Video Editor, you should first click on the video in the ‘Timeline’ to select it. Above the ‘Timeline’ you’ll see a red marker that you can move around to the point where you want to split the video. Once that red marker is positioned, click on the ‘Split’ icon (i.e. the scissors) above the ‘Timeline’ to split it at that point.

After the video has been split, you can select a segment (by clicking on it) and hit ‘Delete’ to remove it. Alternatively, you could drag segments around and rearrange them. In some cases, you may want to use Movavi Video Editor to split the video more than once to isolate the segment you wish to manipulate.

Now that you know how to cut videos into parts with Movavi Video Editor you can trim out unwanted footage or rearrange its sequence as and when you see fit. However, it would be a good idea also to explore the other available features as they will also improve the video quality, apply special effects, insert audio tracks, include captions, add transitions, and much more.

Suffice to say if you spend a few minutes experimenting and familiarizing yourself with the full scope of features in Movavi Video Editor you’ll be able to edit your video in much the same way a professional would. Seeing as all of its features are designed to be intuitive, you shouldn’t have any difficulty figuring them out and applying them to your video.

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