Close Deals Online Faster with signNow: E-Signature for Governments, Enterprises, SMBs, and Individual Professionals

Electronic signature has evolved from just a convenient tool for doing business into an integral step towards digitalization. Governments, both federal and local, have made attempts to increase confidence in e-signature, and it’s working. As the government does more and more to promote electronic signature, industries are taking the opportunity to learn as much about it as possible and integrate it into their everyday processes and workflows. The question that holds many businesses back in hesitation is, “is it safe to use an electronic signature?”. Now that’s a reasonable concern, and every business owner or management team should be considering it. But the ESIGN Act (and several others) has made it clear that, yes, using e-signatures for business is a valid, safe, and even respected practice.


E-signature solutions eliminate many pitfalls and bottlenecks encountered while negotiating contracts and agreements remotely or getting various forms signed that organizations need to function correctly. You can close a deal with anyone from all over the world in a few clicks without spending tons of money on physically sending documents via mail. To reap the full benefits, you need to choose the right solution. This article will go over the pros of using signNow and why millions of users all over the united states and Europe choose it for streamlining their e-signature workflows. 

So what can signNow offer to its users?

Intuitive interface

All the tools you need for editing and modifying are on one page. To sign a document, all you need to do is click on the My signature element and type, draw, or upload your e-signature. The same goes for all other instruments. The toolkit and all the tools and elements inside it were designed to be so simple, people of all ages and backgrounds would be able to go from the first step to the last step without needing extra help.

Technical support 

When getting to know a new product, you run into questions, especially if you have not used anything like it before. signNow offers a high-level of personal support so that you don’t lose time looking for answers. Therefore, in addition to the basic FAQ help center, signNow provides a live chat where you can write to one of signNow’s team members anytime and sort out your issue within a few minutes. 


Cross-platform compatibility

signNow is convenient and accessible in any operating system. You can access your account and easily change the device you’re using at any time and be confident, knowing that the documents on your account’s main dashboard will always be saved in the cloud until you delete them.

Pricing policy

Price is king, and signNow offers three of the best plans on the market, making it accessible to businesses and individuals in any industry. Even the basic plan doesn’t have any restrictions on the number of signatures applied or signature requests sent, which already gives it an edge over other solutions. And on top of all of that, signNow offers a free trial period. 

Mobile app

What’s the point of digitalization and additional solutions if, in the end, you still need to be at a computer to do business? signNow developers asked the same question and created an application suitable for Android and iOS users – giving freedom to people on the go. 

Let’s dwell a bit on the functionality. The fact that the interface is easy-to-understand does not mean that it’s insufficient. signNow includes everything that might be needed for successful and quick deals. Here are some example features:

Editing tools. Insert your data such as text, signatures, and initials; the editor helps you add fillable fields in which your clients can enter any information. All fields are customizable so that you can choose the preferred signature method or content type for each text field added.

signnow editing tools
  • Multiple signers. Collect signatures from several parties at once. Set up a signing order so that the document routes itself in a way that each signer receives the file only when it’s their turn to sign it. This function helps establish internal communication and makes things much smoother when certain people need to approve something before others do. For example, an HR manager receives a document that’s already been signed by the employee and can sign it themselves without having to wait. Moreover, recipients don’t need a signNow account to e-sign the documents sent to them. 
  • Document sharing. Send documents for signing to recipients without knowing or having their email addresses. signNow gives different ways to send a form or contract via QR code or public link. You can choose whatever suits you and your needs. To ensure security, you can strengthen the level of protection by adding additional authentication. Set a password for the document, send confirmation via SMS, or even establish a phone call.
  • Document packages. It’s often necessary to send several documents for signing to one person, as for the onboarding case. To save your new employee from the spam that forces him to regret accepting the job offer, and ensure that all the documents reached the addressee, take advantage of signNow’s option to group documents. Send several documents to a recipient at one time. 

If you wish, you can find hundreds of positive reviews and use cases that come in handy. signNow is also popular for its high security. It meets GDPR and HIPAA requirements, making it suitable for almost any industry. 

6 million users, including enterprises, are improving external and internal processes using electronic signature workflows empowered by signNow. Reduce costs, increase productivity, and get rid of time-consuming tasks.

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