Christmas Foods Your Dog Can’t Have

Christmas is the moment you have the zeal to bond. You want to strengthen your inner ties by engaging with cousins, friends, and your canine buddies. It is the time of the year when your table is filled with lots of delicacies and treats that could be tempting for the doggy, such as ham bones and turkey, as well as delicious treats.

You must know that there is an endless list of foods that may be harmful to your dog even with this excitement. This explains why you must be knowledgeably selective when you are with the doggy in a Christmas celebration.  Here is the list of foodstuffs that your dog shouldn’t be allowed to eat during Christmas.

Chocolate is One Item To Keep Away

Yes, chocolate comes first among the foods you must never allow your pup to feed on during Christmas celebrations. It is true; the chocolate will be a staple for most families during Christmas and any other holiday season.

However, a few bites of chocolate could poison doggy and may present fatal outcomes. You must be aware that your pup won’t be hindered from seeking a taste of the chocolate bars you have purchased, even with these dangers. It would be best if you kept chocolate bars as far as possible from your dog.

Onions Are Never Good For Pups

Onions contain a thiosulphate compound that may be extremely harmful to your dog. Your dog may develop a condition called hemolytic anemia, which affects the population of red blood cells. This explains why your vet will always discourage you from sharing table scraps like pizza which contain traces of onions to your dog.

Raisins Seem Healthy But Can Be Dangerous

Raisins are extremely toxic to dogs. You may not be snacking on raisins any other time of the year. However, they are highly available on our dining tables during Christmas. Most of the Christmas cakes and puddings will be fully loaded with raisins. While the sweet scent could tempt your hairy canine to take a small bite, this must be discouraged as raisins may send her to the grave.

Grapes Are Delicious but Bad For Your Dog

Just like raisins, grapes are highly toxic to your dog. Even though grapes are classically treated as a key companion to the Christmas cheeseboard, they could be fatal to the doggy if he consumes even one. Always move your dog out of your vicinity any time you want to eat grapes at the Christmas serving table.

Alcohol Is Fun But Not Friendly

Christmas celebrations won’t be complete to some individuals without the full mention of the “A” word. Even though a lot of alcohol is served during Christmas, you must be extra careful to ensure that your pup isn’t given a taste.

Intoxicating the doggy with alcohol could be hazardous to their health. In the real sense, alcohol in dogs causes the same staggering effects it presents in humans. Now imagine how your dog will behave with an intoxicated mind.

Apart from mental impairment, your Christmas alcohol could be a source of adverse organ issues on your dog. The effects of alcohol on your dog’s liver could be worse than it is in humans. Don’t give your dogs even the food with the lowest concentration of alcohol. Be keen to seek immediate medical attention if the doggy accidentally swallows alcohol as you are busy celebrating Christmas.

These are merely a few of the main items you must ensure to keep away from your best friend.

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