Casino Tips & Strategies for Dragon Tiger

Gambling is certainly one of humanity’s greatest pastimes; it really is difficult to argue with that. Since pretty much the dawn of time, we have loved to gamble, first using rudimentary playing card tablets and dice made from pig knucklebones, and then later actual playing cards, and this little thing we like to call the Internet too. However, the funny thing is that actual casino gambling was only established a few hundred years ago, something you perhaps wouldn’t expect.

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Regardless, the overall casino gambling industry is in an incredibly healthy state at the moment, with there being plenty of high-profile gambling games available in both online casinos and traditional casinos. In the 21st century, especially slightly more obscure games like Dragon Tiger have become viral thanks to online and live casinos – click here. We thought we would look into some casino tips and strategies for Dragon Tiger, read on for a lowdown. 

What is Dragon Tiger? 

So, first things first, what exactly is Dragon Tiger? There are bound to be plenty of gamblers out there nowadays who haven’t the faintest clue what this interestingly named gambling game is, so let’s elucidate. Dragon Tiger is basically an even more simplified version of baccarat, using the several thousand-year East Asian cultural tradition of the dragon and the tiger to spice things up. 

One of the reasons why so many people have started playing Dragon Tiger is because it is straightforward, with just 2 cards to keep tabs on. Both the Dragon and Tiger get a card each, and whichever one has the highest value wins – it really is as simple as that!  

Why do people love Dragon Tiger? 

It can be hard for such a straightforward game to see why people love Dragon Tiger so much, especially for more advanced gamblers who generally play much more complex games. Take a look at some key reasons why people love Dragon Tiger so much below: 

  • Simplicity: Whilst Dragon Tiger’s incredible simplicity can put gamblers off, it is also a crucial reason why so many people love to play Dragon Tiger, especially beginners looking for an easy introduction to the casino gambling world.
  • Easy strategy: Something else that attracts people to Dragon Tiger is that it is fairly easy to create a strategy. You see, there aren’t actually many things you can do during a game of Dragon Tiger because it’s so simple, which means that creating Dragon Tiger strategy is very easy.  

Top casino tips and strategies for Dragon Tiger 

Right then, onto the golden pearls of wisdom – some top casino tips and strategies for Dragon Tiger… Take a look at some of these: 

  • Pay attention to previous rounds: As there are only a few different bets possible whilst playing Dragon Tiger, you are in the perfect position to use your experience in the previous round to dictate how you bet in the future one.
  • Stay alert: Dragon Tiger is simple, and it is, therefore, quite easy to switch off whilst playing it. Make sure you are as alert as possible for the best chances of winning.

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