Buying A Good Timepiece Online: Safety Guide for Online Watch-Shopping

If you’ve ever wondered why people spend thousands of dollars on a luxury watch, then it’s probable that you’ve not yet experienced the benefits that watch collecting offers or haven’t seen this selection of Grand Seiko 9s Mechanical watches.

In this article, we’ll share with you some reasons to get yourself a good watch. We’ll also share some tips for buying a watch online.

Why should you get a good timepiece?

A watch reflects who you are

 It’s easy to form some opinion about someone based on their watch, and the same goes for you, too. They are silent clues about your personality and your income as well. 

It makes a great gift

Buy your daughter a luxury watch for her graduation and you are giving her something to wear for many years to come and maybe pass it on to your granddaughter in the future to come. 

It serves as a great investment

Luxury watches grow in value over time. As said above, they are an heirloom that you can pass through generations. Depending on the brand and make, you can sell it for double their price in the next several years.

Alternatively, it is also possible that you’re already wondering which luxury watch to buy as your first item on your watch collection. Whatever is the case for you, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll answer the following questions. 

  • Is it safe to buy watches online?
  • What are the risks involved in buying online?
  • Online vs. retail store: where to buy?

Is it Safe to Buy Watches Online? 

Online shopping has increased dramatically over the years and with today’s pandemic, people buy more than ever online—both luxury watches and essentials. But, of course, there are always two sides in everything, including what seems to be a harmless activity. Where there is money, there are also crimes and scams, luring innocent people.

Therefore, while buying watches online offers a wealth of benefits, there are also a few things you would want to consider to ensure your safety. The first step is to shop luxury watches only from the following: 

  • Official brand websites
  • Any of the brand’s authorized retailers

Sure, there are non-authorized dealers in the gray market that offer the same selection as the above options and often, at a lower price. But you wouldn’t know for sure if they’re legitimate unless you do your research. If you’re out searching for your first watch, you would want to err on the side of caution and take a little more risk on the next. 

Below are some other risks involved in buying luxury watches online: 

  • Because people have gone online to get the information they want and buy things they need, including watches, several online stores have opened, which really can’t provide you with the guarantee for the watch you’re buying. 
  • Buying from the gray market is always risky, and it’s no different on the Internet. You could pay a fortune for a fake or replica of your dream watch. 

Online vs. Retail Store: Where to Buy? 

Where you would buy your first luxury watch depends on whether shopping online or in a retail store makes the most sense to you at the time. Are you after the best price or you would want to try the watch on in real-life? 

Both options will continue to have a place in the market. If everything goes as planned, your online watch-shopping experience should be seamless, allowing you to order the watch and receive it after a few days, all while sitting at the comforts of your home. 

Shopping in a retail store should give you the luxury of getting to try on the watches and see if it fits you and your style. On the plus side, there will also be a competent staff which can help you with your choices and offer recommendations for a more personal buying experience. The only downside is that sometimes, salespeople can be a little pushy. The selection can be pretty limited and often more expensive than online, too. 

In conclusion, the benefits of buying watches online include: 

  • Watches are usually less expensive. 
  • There is a board selection of watches to choose from 
  • You can buy watches even from abroad. 
  • Effortless shopping from your home or the office 
  • The overall seamless shopping experience 


Buying a watch online should be a straightforward process—provided that you know what to buy and exactly where to buy it. May this guide help you understand the differences between the ways to shop for your first watch and the pitfalls, which should be easy to avoid if you know what to look for.  We hope this article helps you out in finding the perfect watch online.

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