Beginners guide to using a dry herb vaporizer

Marijuana has become huge over the last few years. Traditional methods of consuming marijuana, such as blunts and joints, are slowly being used less as they are seen as less healthy these days. Dry herb vaporizers are considered healthier as it doesn’t involve combustion; thus you obtain the healing properties of marijuana without any side effects.

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Since they are new on the market you might not know how to use them properly and if you are considering buying one you need to know how to use it, so here are a few tips to use one for a beginner.

What is a dry herb vaporizer?

Dry herb vaporizers are not exactly new to the market but have only recently started gaining popularity due to the many benefits they provide. A dry herb vaporizer is pretty similar to a regular vaporizer. It has a chamber where marijuana is placed and uses one of two heating methods to heat the marijuana to the point of vaporization. These heating methods use a low temperature than the traditional combustion method that bongs or joints use, and as such, they don’t create harmful toxins or carcinogens, which makes them much healthier. Every dry herb vaporizer uses these healing methods, and the more expensive ones, such as the Pax 3, which can be bought at retailers like, allow for the fine-tuning of temperature. The significance of this is that the heating methods used also activate more cannabinoids, which makes the effects felt during vaping a lot stronger. At lower temperatures, weaker, which means the high can be customized.

How to grind and pack

You need to grind the marijuana properly, and you do so by making sure you grind it evenly and that there are no big chunks. Make sure to use fresh weed as it will work a lot better for you in terms of grinding, and the effects are a lot stronger. In terms of how to pack it, you want to pack a good amount in but make sure to not pack too much for conduction as it might burn unevenly or even block the chamber for further use.

How to clean it

In terms of cleaning a dry herb vaporizer, it’s pretty easy, and even a toddler could clean it with ease. The process may differ slightly depending on the brand, but as long as you read the instructions, you should be good as it is not a confusing process, even for newbies. Use a small brush, which is usually attached to a dry herb vaporizer, to clean the chamber lightly after removing any excess herbs. Deep clean after a couple of uses by using an alcohol cleanser to clean it thoroughly. It’s important to clean your dry herb vaporizer as it helps it last longer, as not cleaning it can lead to damages that cannot be fixed.

The different types of dry herb vaporizers

There are various types of dry herb vaporizers, such as portable vaporizers, vape pens, desktop vaporizers, which each work differently and suit different users. Vape pens are the easiest dry herb vaporizers to use and are used by many as it’s discreet and small. They’re great for when you’re on the go and are looking for a quick vape. The downfall of vape pens is they cannot be used in a group or for extended usage as the chamber cannot pack a lot of herbs, and the battery is also the weakest out of all three types of dry herb vaporizers. A portable vaporizer is also small and compact, and similar to the vape pen in the sense that it’s discreet and great for on the go usage. Many people use portable vaporizers, and unlike the stigma against smokers imposed by society, those who use portable vaporizers are not judged as it is viewed as a normal device in society. Desktop vaporizers are a lot bigger and normally used at home as it requires you to plug it in to charge it. The bad thing about this is that you’re quite restricted in terms of where you can use it, but the good thing is that it allows for group vaping. You are also in control of how long you want to vape, so this is great when you plan on chilling at home with friends.

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