Are You Getting the Most out of Your Steam Sterilizer?

Wanna get rid of all the nasty disease-causing dangerous microbial agents? Steam Sterilizers are your best friends. Perfect for removing all the thermophilic agents, steam sterilizers are used as the most common sterilization application in the industrial sector. Due to sterilization benefits, steam sterilizers are used to clean all kinds of medical equipment like surgical instrumentations or dentistry tools, etc. It is also used as an effective method for sterilizing implantable sensor systems.

Steam Sterilizer

Given the many beneficial perks of proper sterilization, the application of steam sterilizers is increasing day by day in both the industrial and domestic sectors. The autoclave steam sterilizer is present in every healthcare facility, but not everyone can use it efficiently. 

Here’s how you can maximize your autoclave steam sterilizer application by following these easy yet effective tips.

1. Following Proper Temperature Instructions

An autoclave steam sterilizer efficiently works only on a fixed proper temperature range that is between 121 to 132 °C. The autoclave uses hot saturated steam to effectively kill all microbes to sterilize the equipment within 15 to 30 minutes. This short time requires working under high pressure of 106 kPa or 1 atm. Any further temperature or pressure increase can damage the equipment. Therefore, indicators like an autoclave tape are used to identify the tools that have been sterilized once. To ensure maximum effectiveness, the autoclave is heated to 121 °C for 30 minutes or so using a saturated steam pressure of 15 Psi. 

2. Learning About Autoclave Cycles

It is important that you learn about autoclave cycles because it helps you to achieve maximum sterilization results. Not all autoclave sterilizers have the same cycle of cleaning but some autoclaves remove contaminated air by using a pre-cycle vacuum even before the steam is introduced inside the chamber. 

While some other autoclaves use steam to increase the inside pressure and force open the exhaustion valve that thrust air out and keep replacing the contaminated air with fresh hot sterilizing steam until the process is complete in the given cycle duration. The duration of the cycle may also vary depending upon the air volume and the autoclave chamber’s capacity. It is this type of data that today is usually packaged into game projects in order to increase the effect of implementing and storing information at the subconscious level. There are now many very successful companies that develop and implement game tools such as crazy games and many more.

3. Avoiding Wrong Material Placements

An autoclave is only meant for sterilizing tools that are made of specific certain materials. You can’t just put anything inside and expect the autoclave to sterilize it clean. Any reactive, corrosive, radioactive, flammable, or toxic materials should be avoided to be placed inside an autoclave. Never put any sealed liquid container inside an autoclave or anything that has paraffin embedded in it. Male sure whatever you are placing inside an autoclave doesn’t touch the walls of the interior chamber.

danger signs

An autoclave steam sterilizer provides an easy and effective method of disinfecting and sterilizing medical tools. But it would help if you handled it with care, following the proper instructions. Only use materials that are compatible with autoclave to avoid any unnecessary trouble. Don’t forget to use gloves while taking items out of the autoclave because they become boiling due to the steam treatment.

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