Antiaging Effects of Growth Hormone Secretagogues

Growing tissues and organs depend on growth hormones throughout childhood and adulthood. The pituitary gland, about the size of a pea, produces it at the base of the brain. Growth hormone production gradually decreases as a person reaches middle age. In response to this natural slowdown, some are considering using synthetic human growth hormones (HGH) to stave off some of the changes associated with aging, such as loss of muscle and bone mass.

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It’s okay if you’re skeptical. The effectiveness of growth hormone secretagogues supplements to help otherwise healthy adults return to youth and vitality has not been proven. In addition, HGH treatments may increase the risk of other health problems. The use of HGH to treat aging or age-related conditions is not recommended.

Is HGH treatment necessary for some adults?

A health care provider may prescribe synthetic HGH to adults who have a growth hormone deficiency instead of the expected decline in growth hormone due to aging.


A benign pituitary tumor (pituitary adenoma) or surgery or radiation treatment can cause growth hormone deficiency. HGH injections can be beneficial for adults with a deficiency of growth hormones.

-Increasing exercise capacity

-Increasing bone density

-Strengthen your muscles

-Reduce body fat

The treatment of HGH deficiency caused by AIDS or HIV is also approved for treating adults with irregular fat distribution.

Is HGH treatment beneficial for healthy older adults?

A limited number of studies of healthy adults taking human growth hormone have been conducted. Healthy older adults appear to increase muscle mass and reduce body fat with human growth hormone. However, this increase in muscle does not translate into more strength. Healthful adults may also benefit from human growth hormone, but the evidence is unclear.

How risky is HGH treatment?

Healthy adults may experience several side effects from HGH treatment, including:

-The carpal tunnel syndrome

-Insulin resistance increases

-Having type 2 diabetes

-Emphysema (swelling of the arms and legs)

-Pain in the joints and muscles

-An enlarged breast (gynecomastia) in men

-Certain cancers are more likely to develop

In healthy older adults, clinical studies of HGH treatment have been relatively small and short in duration, which means little to no information exists about HGH treatment’s long-term effects.

Are HGH pills available?

US FDA only allows HGH treatment for growth hormone deficiency and HIV-associated problems. The injection form of HGH is the only effective method of administration. Human growth hormone does not come in pill form. Several dietary supplements that claim to boost HGH levels are available in pill form, but research has shown no benefit.

The Food and Drug Administration considers HGH to be a controlled substance. In the case of a non-approved condition, such as aging in older adults or muscle building, HGH cannot be used.

How does it all work?

Your physician may be able to suggest proven ways to improve your health if you have specific concerns about aging. If you follow a healthy lifestyle, such as eating a nutritious diet and engaging in physical activity daily, you will be able to feel your best as you age.

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