AI pushing the frontier in the mobile industry

There’s no doubt that humankind entered a new age of technology in the past decade. Mobile devices and data collection have spread to every corner of the world, and information has never been so easy to find. The next big step in the mobile industry involves some of the most sophisticated AI software that will drive evolution even faster than expected.

AI slowly found a place in many different areas of society, and it’s definitely here to stay. It’s now widely used for gaming, ad campaigns, medical technologies, and so on. Still, in its early stages, the global AI market is starting to grow exponentially. According to the current stats, the AI market will surpass 1 trillion dollars in the next 6-8 years. But what is it used for? Why do companies want to integrate AI software with their own? Here are some of the most significant benefits of using AI.

1.      Smart suggestions

AI is driven by algorithms. The point is to create software that’s able to learn new information and design suggestions based on collected data. That’s precisely what happens when you want to but something on Amazon. The AI will scan your activities within the website, suggesting similar products you might need.

For example, you bought a power drill, and suddenly you get suggestions for hard hats, drill bits, safety equipment, and so on. The AI has access to the entire database of a website or a device, and it knows what works best. If you search the internet for the best free adult games, you can expect to run into a lot of ads for sex toys and so on.

2.      Online security

In a world where everyone is connected to the internet, cybersecurity is a real issue. We’ve all witnessed data breaches and information leaks happening in the past few years. No one and nothing is safe from malware and hackers. AI can help in that department as well. It can add a few extra steps that are hard to fake. Things like fingerprint scanners, eye scanners, and real-time protection are possible only because of AI.

Combine all of that with the standard password encryption, and you should be just fine. Moreover, AI can identify the smallest threat, eliminating ransomware and malware before it gets the chance to cause any damage. That’s great news if you spend a lot of time playing free games

3.      Face recognition technology

Face recognition was something you could see only in sci-fi movies until a few years ago, but now it’s everywhere. It made it possible to unlock phones by looking at them, automatically tag people on social media platforms, and so on. The technology is quickly evolving, and it will soon be able to detect and identify thousands of faces in less than a second.

It’s a little scary because it resembles the story of the “Big Brother”, but maybe that’s what the civilization needs to improve. Public cameras with face recognition will surely minimize crime and enhance public safety. You will lose some freedom, but the world around you will become much less violent. So, when all things are considered, that’s not so bad.

4.      Speech recognition

Companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon all have their versions of an AI Assistant with speech recognition. It’s a small device that’s always connected to the internet, and you can ask it anything, and you will get an answer. That means that you basically get to talk to the device, make calls, browse the internet, control the lights and other smart devices in your home, and much more.

All of that would be impossible without AI, but remember, what we see now is still in the beginning stage. Thigs will get crazy in the next, let’s say ten years. We can only imagine what will AI do to the best games online that will be released shortly.

5.      Virtual customer support

Most companies and online services, such as e-commerce websites have customer support. AI will soon be able to take care of customers, negotiate deals and prices, and answer questions in real-time. The link between AI and machine learning is becoming stronger every day, and it will soon be able to communicate with people like a real, living person.

6.      It won’t be much longer

The technology snowball is rolling at a neck-breaking speed, and it’s already impossible to keep up. Will AI help humanity to evolve further, or will it help to take away our freedom? We will see soon enough.

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