7 Affordable University Programs in California for International Students

Gaining study-abroad experience is a dream of many students worldwide. US universities consistently rank top in those dreams for the outstanding quality of education and unique opportunities. However, it is believed that not every student can afford such an adventure.

Indeed, studying at American colleges and universities is quite expensive. Many local students are forced to take loans that they will be paying for several years after graduation. Indeed, some expenses can’t be cut, such as books, online courses, essay writing services, or tuition fees. 

However, it would be best not to forget that the U.S. is the country of opportunities. Thus, you can find cheap or at least affordable university programs in every state.

In this article, you will find a list of cheap universities in California for international students. Let those examples persuade you that even such an ambitious dream of yours can come true. 

Why choose California? Because it is one of the most expensive states to live and study. If such programs exist in CA, it means you can find them in other states, too.

California State University-San Marcos

If money is an issue, you should not be running for prestige. However, sometimes, well-known Californian schools offer lovely and affordable programs. Nevertheless, California State University – San Marcos is one of the most affordable universities in the state. It is accredited in California and offers a high-quality education at a reasonable price.

You can look for degrees in Social Sciences, Business Administration, Maths, and other majors here. If your academic records are exemplary, you can even apply for scholarships. Foreigners can also be eligible for some of them. However, the full tuition for undergraduate and graduate programs at this university is quite affordable.

California State University-Chico

This university has the second-oldest campus in the state. It offers around 160 low-cost bachelor’s and master’s programs to both domestic and international students. Of course, the admission process is a bit easier for local students, but the costs are relatively low.

If you are interested in studying Education, Social Sciences, Business, Engineering, etc., CSU Chico is the best place to apply. The university is also famous for its diverse learning environment.

California State University Maritime Academy

Studying at the Maritime Academy can be an exciting experience for students interested in Engineering, Marine Transportation, and Oceanography. If this is your case, this is truly the best place to apply in the whole state. 

The university has a more liberal admission policy for local students. Still, the high chances are that you can win a scholarship as an international student, too.

This school has been well-known for its fantastic combination of theory and practice in learning. Students get first-class classroom instruction and then test it in real life. That is an excellent advantage of this Academy.

San Diego State University

International students have good chances of enrolling in San Diego State University with relatively affordable programs for foreigners. Of course, they will have to pay more than state residents, but the costs are still comparatively low. 

Foreigners are eligible to apply for public and private scholarships to cut costs. The university is huge and offers lots of options when it comes to program selection. 

You can dedicate your time to research and build a career in Higher Education if you feel up for it. For example, this university can boast about many foreigners holding the positions of lecturers and researchers.

California State University-Stanislaus

As a foreigner, you can apply for a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree at CSU Stanislaus, but your costs for you will be higher compared to local students. Nevertheless, the programs offered at this university are still considered affordable for international students.

During the semester, you’ll get to learn many engaging disciplines to make you a subject matter expert in your selected field. The curriculum is designed to meet individual learning needs as well as to introduce students to real-life situations. 

Cal Poly Pomona

This relatively affordable university welcomes students interested in getting a degree in a technical field. If you feel that you are one of them, this school will become the best place for your learning experience. This polytechnic university promises excellent knowledge and skills to learners looking for universal education.

As a Bachelor’s student, you’ll have an opportunity to study from the best lecturers in the world. As a Master’s student, you’ll learn how to apply the gained knowledge in practice. Also, when you graduate, you can choose to stay and teach a course at the university.

California State University-Fullerton

If you tend to more creative subjects, CSU Fullerton can be a perfect place for you. This university focuses on preparing students for careers in Radio, TV, Music, and other creative industries. Those interested in arts will find programs to their liking.

CSU Fullerton is famous for its unconventional approach to education. It is far from using a single textbook to feed students up with a theory. Instead, creative youngsters learn to create here. Such an atmosphere is very much fostered in the university.

Final Words

Education in the US is recognized worldwide and instead expensive. Still, many students from abroad seek opportunities to get into their dream universities to get knowledge and experience. Some of them go back to their countries; others stay in the U.S. and immigrate.

However, if you find the price too high, you can still apply and hope for the best. Public and private scholarships are pretty generous in the US, so external funds can easily cover even a $20,000 fee. If you are not eligible to fund your education through these means, do not be disappointed. Global digital banking platforms like Zolve have made it extremely easy to apply for a study loan in the USA and other financial aid like credit cards for international students with high credit limits. Look at all your options, including the unconventional ones, to have a complete understanding of your options.

California has lots of universities with outstanding programs and excellent opportunities for students. International students have to pay more than locals, but still, the programs are considered affordable. For sure, if you want to get a US education, it is possible to find a way.

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