6 Industrial Applications Of Custom Weighing Scales

Weighing is part of everyday activities from commercial stores to different industries. People also measure the weight of things to determine the right number of mixtures, dosages, and quantities when selling. It’s always essential to achieve precision and accuracy as sometimes, having the wrong weight could have adverse effects.

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There have been traditional methods used in measuring weights. However, these have some downsides regarding the speed of accomplishing tasks. Therefore, better versions of industrial scales were developed to help address these limitations. Custom scales, in particular, have gained wide industrial usage.

Uses Of Custom Scales

There are several uses of custom weight scales in different industries. The fields utilizing these custom scales range from commercial, manufacturing, and even packaging. Here are some of the industrial applications:

1. High Precision Weighing

In industries, formulation needs to be precise when combining raw materials. For example, in a food processing plant, the raw materials and ingredients used when processing needs to be accurate to maintain the quality and taste of food. However, it could be problematic without accurate measurements as the human eye and instincts can be clouded with errors.

Therefore, acquiring a custom weighing scale will be an excellent option to get these weights accurately. In addition, the scales can measure even the tiniest of weight changes, which is essential when maintaining the quality of products.

2. Speed Counting

Custom weighing scales have the feature of counting objects before packaging. Because counting manually takes a lot of time and can cause inaccuracies, industries opt for these scales instead. Hence, it makes the process easy and quick to accomplish.

This also ensures the correct amount is delivered to the customer as indicated on the label. In addition, it helps build customer trust and cut losses caused by errors. Therefore, technology positively impacts production in a business.

3. Paint Mixing

Mixing colors largely depends on the quantity of the natural colors used. To get precision in combining, you need to ensure the correct number is used all along. A scale can be combined with paint mixtures to allow the correct amount of each asset before moving to the mixing chamber.

As a result, the thickness and quality of paint used in vehicles and buildings are desirable. Paint producers can also produce large quantities of accurately blended colors with a custom scale within a short time.

4. Postal And Courier Services

Postal and courier companies use weight to calculate the charges of different parcels to be sent. However, due to the different nature of the packages, manually estimating the weight could be complex. It’s also time-consuming to try and calculate the correct tariff if the weight is in decimals.

airport scales
Suitcase standing on airport weight scale. 3D illustration.

A better and more accurate way of measuring the weight of parcels is to use a custom weighing scale. The software can relay the weight to other devices to calculate the correct charges. This will help the company avoid significant losses or overcharge clients due to measuring errors.

5. Calibration And Volume Measurements

A proper custom scale will have calibration features that can automatically measure liquids and electronic manufacturing volume. When combined with other marking features, the scale can accurately mark volume levels in other measuring instruments.

This allows the safe dispensing of liquids in laboratories. In addition, the whole process can be automated by incorporating the custom scale software in the system, saving valuable time and effort. Also, it becomes easier for labs to trace different reaction paths and quantities in liquid form.

6. Speed Weighing

In many industries, many products are manufactured, and each of these needs to be packaged before shipment. Due to a large number of the items, there’s a need for speed weighing and accuracy. This ensures the correct quantity is being packaged in a short time.

In such cases, using manual weighing will slow down the process and subsequently reduce production. In addition, cases of errors may increase, which will have devastating effects on the company. Therefore, it’s more advisable to get custom scale software to help with the speed of weighing in the industry.


Custom scales have many benefits in industries today. For example, it can be used in speed weighing, accuracy, counting, and other services the traditional weighing scales didn’t offer. Moreover, custom scales can be combined with other devices to increase usability like paint mixers.

As the need to increase production and efficiency in industries arise, the need to get custom weighing scales is highly recommended. Consider the industrial applications mentioned here as you acquire a custom weighing scale for your operations.

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