5 Reasons to Not Go DIY for Cabinet Refacing: Hire Professionals

Home renovations are significant investments, with cabinetry crucially shaping the aesthetics and functionality of your space. The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University (JCHS) reveals an interesting trend: homeowner spending on improvement projects shot up from $328 billion in 2019 to an astounding $472 billion in 2022, predicting a further climb to $485 billion in 2023.

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Cabinet refacing, although appearing deceptively simple, carries multiple complexities. Therefore, it’s imperative to contemplate whether to undertake this as a DIY endeavor or engage the expertise of a professional cabinet refacing company.

This decision is more than a choice between saving a few bucks or shedding some extra; it’s about precision, quality, and peace of mind. Consider your options thoughtfully before diving into your next home improvement project.

Expertise and Experience

Professionals specializing in cabinet refacing offer an edge with their years of experience and expert knowledge. The physical transformation of your cabinets is only one part of the whole task.

It’s also about understanding different materials, ensuring precise measurements, and troubleshooting unexpected issues. With materials such as lumbar being expensive in California now, having an experienced professional by your side is important.

They understand the subtleties involved – whether it’s choosing the right veneer, knowing which way the grain should face, or applying adhesive perfectly. These are critical details that an untrained individual might overlook, leading to unnecessary expenses down the line.

If you are in the Central Valley area, don’t worry. Simply look up Cabinet Refacing Company near me online and browse through the top companies out there. With a professional’s seasoned insight, you can avoid these costly mistakes and ensure the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your cabinets.

Time and Effort

Your kitchen transformation journey can be swift and efficient with the help of a professional cabinet refacing company. Professionals come equipped with advanced tools and well-honed skills that streamline the entire refacing process.

They’ve honed their craft to perfection, allowing them to complete the task quickly without compromising quality. Their well-documented refacing procedures are structured to maximize efficiency, minimizing any room for error that could lead to delays.

Additionally, a professional team’s ability to work simultaneously on multiple cabinets contributes significantly to reducing project duration. All of these factors combine to free up your valuable time, which you could channel into other productive or leisure activities.

Quality and Warranty

In the world of cabinet refacing, hiring a professional ensures you’re getting the best quality work, something a DIY project might struggle to achieve. The reasons behind this are multifold.

Firstly, a professional company’s services usually come with a warranty. This warranty acts as a safety net, protecting your financial investment against any unforeseen hiccups or mishaps in the future. On the other hand, opting for a DIY approach doesn’t afford you this security.

Furthermore, if an issue does arise during a DIY project, the additional cost of rectification can add up quickly, potentially making your once cost-effective project an expensive affair. On the contrary, professional refacers, with their experience and skills, are less likely to make mistakes that could cause such unnecessary expenses.

Moreover, the superior quality of work by professionals isn’t only visible in the final result, but it also tends to have longevity. Their craftsmanship typically yields a high-quality finish that remains durable and attractive for years. This excellence in workmanship is challenging for a DIY enthusiast to replicate.

Lastly, the quality of work offered by professionals can increase your home’s overall value. This potential for added property value isn’t just a financial benefit; it’s also an aesthetic one, contributing positively to your living environment.

Tools and Equipment

Cabinet refacing is a specialized task needing particular tools to ensure a high-quality finish. A list of these necessary implements might surprise a DIY enthusiast considering the undertaking. Among them, a Brad nail gun is vital for attaching thin materials without causing damage.

A caulk gun is essential for sealing gaps and ensuring a polished, finished look. A circular saw is used for the precise cutting of cabinet materials, while a versatile drill makes holes for screws and hardware.

A file smooths down rough edges, and Forstner drill bits are instrumental in drilling flat-bottomed holes – a common requirement in cabinet refacing. Professionals possess these tools and have the experience to use them safely and effectively.

For a homeowner, justifying the cost of such specific, occasionally costly tools for a one-time project might prove challenging. All things considered, hiring a professional might be more economical, as the service cost includes the usage of these tools.

Ensured Safety

Safety is paramount in any construction or renovation project, and cabinet refacing is no exception. When you hire professionals, you’re hiring trained individuals who understand the risks and know how to manage them effectively.

For example, professionals always wear personal protective equipment, including safety goggles and gloves. This practice shields them from potential injuries caused by stray particles or sharp objects.

In addition, experts are adept at managing the dust and debris that result from sanding and cutting processes. They ensure that these byproducts are handled and disposed of in an environmentally friendly and health-conscious manner, reducing the risk of respiratory issues.

Furthermore, professionals have thorough training in the safe use of tools and equipment, minimizing the chances of mishaps. They adhere to all safety guidelines and regulations, ensuring a safe work environment.


Cabinet refacing may seem like a suitable DIY project at first glance, but when delving deeper, it’s clear that hiring professionals is the better choice. This decision not only guarantees precision, quality, and peace of mind but also ensures a time-efficient process, expert disposal, and access to quality materials and tools.

Moreover, the expertise and experience professionals offer are invaluable and cannot be achieved through DIY methods. In addition, the safety and warranty they provide contribute to the overall value. Hence, it’s vital to make a well-informed decision, considering all these factors, before undertaking your next home improvement project.

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