5 Netflix Fun Facts You Have No Idea About

I think most people would agree with the fact that one of the best things that have come from technology so far is the ability to decide what you want to watch, when to watch it, and the knowledge that you can watch it regardless of wherever you may be, using a long list of devices that vary in size and portability. This is how far we’ve come with the advent of the Internet, and the many steps that we’ve made in technology up until today. Without this, companies like Netflix would have no chance to be one of the most popular streaming services or even gain a worldwide market to push their services. These are some of the reasons that encouraged us to list 5 Netflix secrets that we think most people don’t know about. Please read all about them below.


Take a few minutes and go over these 5 facts that are probably unknown facts about Netflix:

How Netflix Started

Reed Hastings is the man who brought about one of the most popular online streaming services that exist today. Back in the ’90s, after he was surprised to find out that Blockbuster will need a $40 late-return fee alongside the movie he had borrowed, he cancelled his membership subscription and set up one service that he made sure will be accepting debit cards from their customers. This is exactly how Netflix was born.

Netflix Content Regulation

One factor that greatly determines what content you receive from Netflix is where you live: the country you reside in. It’s a known fact that American Netflix subscribers get to watch the best of TV shows and movies made available out there. At the same time, the rest of us who live in the UK, Australia, Germany, Mexico or Canada are forced to contend with a Netflix proxy error every time we try to access American Netflix. There are still several ways to spoof your Netflix location for those of us who are still keen on unblocking US Netflix.

Netflix and its Warehouses

It’s a known fact that the location of Netflix’s warehouses is kept as a closely guarded secret by all those who want to brag about working for the best online streaming service in the world. If these warehouses’ location were to be revealed, Netflix would run losses upon losses since their expensive content library would be made easily available to the public at throwaway prices.

Netflix Employees

As I’ve mentioned above, Netflix employees are at no liberty to discuss their different warehouse locations’ whereabouts. This regulation is made formal by signing a non-disclosure form that clearly states the consequences they could face due to breaching the agreement. This is why nobody who cares about their job will even hint at where Netflix stores their expensive content library.

Keeping Piracy At Bay

Netflix has taken and continues to take measures that prevent content pirates from getting a hold of their movies and TV shows illegally. This is why it isn’t easy to find Netflix content on torrent sites like BitTorrent, VPN apps, or even P2P sites.

Final Thoughts on 5 Netflix Fun-facts You Had No Idea About

There you have it, 5 interesting facts we thought you should know about your favourite online streaming service. You also probably didn’t know that the company has a Golden Globe win for its vast majority of high quality of HD content, or that it’s updating its collection of movies and TV shows by deleting some that have been there for too long and adding new ones over 2017. Netflix is one company that will be around for a long while, thanks to the good quality of their products, and the high standard of their service.

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