4 Tips to Help you Win the Online Lottery

We all dream of winning the lottery one day, and the thought of settling debts and living a life of comfort and luxury is a thought worth dreaming about. Luckily for Indian punters, there is now a plethora of choices for deciding which lotteries to play. While a decade ago, Indian punters were confined to play India lottery, now they have the option of choosing international lotteries.

This has all been made possible due to the power of the internet and the ability of the Indian punters to afford devices that can access these sites. Over the last few years, India has achieved high levels of internet penetration while the prices of smartphones have been decreasing steadily as well. International lottery sites have taken advantage of this trend and are now offering their services to residents of the sub-continent. For the Indian players, it is perfectly legal to play at these sites as they are based offshore. As a result, the sites are not required to adhere to the legal framework set in India. For this article, we will provide you with seven tips that you can apply when playing the lottery, whether national or international.

Learn How Lotteries Work

The first step of playing any lottery is understanding what is available to you. When playing the lottery, you are free to pick the number of lotto tickets you wish to purchase. If the numbers or the sequence of numbers you have picked matches the winning lotto numbers, then you have won the lottery. The good news is that there is no science as to what numbers you should pick. Just because someone won using numbers dear to them does not apply that those numbers will work for you. The probability of winning a lottery is purely random, which means that anyone can win it.

All numbers have an equal chance of being picked up in a draw. This means that as much as we hate to admit it, there is no pattern for winning the lottery, and the draw is purely random and will always be the case.

Pick Games That Pay Big

This is where things get interesting. As mentioned earlier, you now have the option of playing international lotteries via online lottery sites. If you thought the jackpots with local lotteries were big, wait till you feast your eyes on PowerBall or Mega Millions. Just the name Mega Millions should indicate the size of the jackpot we are talking about here. This is why you should always go for lotteries that pay big. Also, you must be physically present at the draw with local lotteries, whereas no such stipulation applies to international lotteries.

Buy More Tickets

Now, this is just common sense. The more entries you have in a draw, the more chances you win it. It is best to purchase tickets featuring combinations of different serials. Now you need to make sure that the total cost of these tickets does not exceed the prize money. Some online operators will even offer you discounts if you end up buying more than one ticket. Always be on the lookout for promotions run mostly around festivals such as Diwali and Holi. Take advantage of these promotions, buy more tickets and increase your chances of winning.

Form A Syndicate

This is another way of increasing your chances of winning the lottery. You can become a participant in a syndicate. A syndicate is a group of like-minded lottery players who essentially pool their resources to buy lottery tickets. If the syndicate wins the jackpot, the prize money is then distributed amongst all the members. The upside is similar to buying more tickets without the added cost. The downside is that the prize money in the event of the syndicate hitting the jackpot is distributed amongst the members, meaning that each member gets less money had they gone solo with the lottery, to begin with.


These are the four main tips we recommend you use when playing the online lottery. Try to be innovative with your approach and pick as many random numbers as possible. We have all tried using our birthdays as numbers, and they have rarely come up with positive results. Be different and play in a syndicate to increase your chances of winning.

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