4 Sure-fire Ways to Fix a Website’s Declining Traffic

Having a website for your business is a huge advantage over your competitors in the field. It’s one of the best tools for business operations these days. An average seller must have a social media account to promote their products, so much more a fully-functional business?

website traffic analysis

The important takeaway here is websites become more important or rather relevant to many business owners. It is because most consumers prefer to purchase their needs and wants online. Websites have wider scope in terms of communication and eCommerce compared to operating in a brick-and-mortar shop.

Building up a fully-functional business website is one particular thing, but maintaining and managing is another. It has a degree of difficulty, which digital media marketing companies commonly fix.

However, it would be excellent for business owners like you to learn some of the best solutions if your website encounters bugs, downtimes, and the overall site traffic decreases. So, in this post, check out some of the best ways to solve traffic declines practiced by the best digital media marketing companies.

Assess for Any Changes Done

If your website suffered a significant reduction in traffic, you must check for any changes done on your website before the event. Check if any significant changes affect the online exposure of your website. Perhaps, a brand-new theme may not be eye-catchy or caught the interest of your audience. Or your user navigation update affects the user-friendly features, making site visitors having difficulties browsing your site. Always remember that many updates are only looking good on paper, but in reality, it creates issues once it is applied to your website.

To solve this problem, you must revert the updates by requesting your digital marketing expert to do so. After the updates are reverted, check if it brings back your website’s normal function and traffic.

Examine Your Site’s Traffic Sources

Business websites are not created equal. All of them have different functions as well as traffic sources. Your traffic sources are responsible for directing the traffic to your site’s home page. These sources are either from your social media channels, advertisements, and other digital marketing strategies. According to experts from digital media marketing companies, you must identify which of these traffic sources generate the lowest traffic and find the best alternative or solution to fix the problem.

Spy on Your Competitors

There is nothing wrong if you spy on your competitor because chances are, they are doing it right now. It is no also unethical for a business owner because it is part of forecasting. So, when traffic declines on your website, you must check their website’s current digital marketing strategies. It will allow you to find out if you missed one efficient strategy that generates traffic that your competitor utilizes. There is always something up your competitors’ sleeves so, keep your eyes peeled all the time.

Search for Lost Links

Links generate traffic to your website. They transport the traffic to your home page from guest posts, newsletters, Google ads, and other forms of digital marketing strategies. If traffic starts to decline on your website, you might be losing one or several links, which generates your site’s traffic. The reason behind this is the implemented changes and updates on your website.

If you have a link from an external website via a guest post, you must check if that website still exists or not. It is because your link will instantly be considered as a broken link.

Parting Words

Losing traffic is normal for a website. There are always ups and downs, so digital marketing strategies are always handy when this happens. So, if ever your website encounters this kind of problem, refer to the tips above.

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