4 Infection Prevention And Control Tips That Make Everybody Safer

Over the last year, much of our lives and routines have changed. Things that used to be more than normal two years back are not any more common. The thing that has climbed up on the list of our priorities is keeping safe. Yes, all of us need to be safe and curb the spread of the infection. It is not only to keep ourselves safe but also everybody around. Today, we have seen a deplorable yet fitting example of how one’s carelessness may put others in jeopardy.

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What You Can Do To Prevent And Control Infections

How do you manage to keep yourself and everyone around you safe? Do you know how you can do so? Well, it is not very difficult. All you need to do is have some awareness and prevention and follow a few simple and effective methods. If you want a refresher, listed below are the top infection prevention and control methods that you can use to contribute to the battle against infectious diseases, whether it is coronavirus or others. Let us check them out:

Avoid Making Contact As Much As Possible

The germs and viruses that spread disease need a channel or link to spread. When you touch people and things, you become a part of that very link, and that causes the infections to spread. If you lessen the number of times you contact people and things, you can significantly bring down the risk of infections. This is also a great way to stop germs from travelling from one place to another. 


Wear A Mask For Everybody’s Benefit

A mask is what is your best shield against viruses. With your mouth and nose, you can inhale viruses inside. Therefore, to stop that from happening, you can cover them with a mask. When covered, you can neither transmit nor receive the most harmful bacterias. This is especially important when you are travelling or in public. You are meeting and bypassing various people from all over the place, so protection is preliminary. 

Find The Clean & Germ-Free

No matter where you go, you need to find places and objects that are clean and disinfected. In case you visit a hospital, you should check if they use the Autoclave Steam Sterilization process or not. Sterilization is the process that is used to disinfect food, surfaces, and other objects. You can apply a hand sanitiser on your hand before stepping out of the home to ensure your protection. Remember that – clean is safe. 

Don’t Touch Your Face 

A lot of people have a habit of running their hands on the face. Well, it’s not advisable. When you touch your face, you are placing germs around or on your eyes, nose, or mouth known to react to viruses and bacterias quickly. Once you reach home, it is ideal that you wash your hands carefully for 15-20 seconds at least. 

The above-mentioned methods will prove to be helpful to you if you follow them correctly. Follow the health and infection protection guidelines rolled out by WHO. Live healthily and keep safe!

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