10 super healthy food you should add to a daily diet

To stay healthy, you must maintain a healthy diet. In our busy schedules, we often forget to eat and drink and sleep properly. This thereby causes us to suffer from several chronic diseases and stress, depression, and many more. A simple solution would be to buy healthy snacks from online websites such as https://squarerootlife.com/. But whatever you do, your main aim should be to stay healthy and fit.

Therefore, a healthy diet should be maintained to keep you active and energetic. Especially the kids should maintain a proper diet to stay active in their studies. Someone said that “your diet is a bank account; good food choices are good investments.”

healthy food

To make the statement correct that “when the diet is wrong, medicine is of no use, when the diet is correct medicine is of no need.” There are many such healthy foods which we should keep in our daily diet chart. By filling your plates with fresh fruits, vegetables, and quality protein foods, you will have a meal colorful, versatile, and good for you.

Having a healthy diet does not mean controlling your amount of food or reduce eating your meals. Rather it means to check your diet list and include healthy food as much as possible. It would help if you encouraged your kids to maintain the same diet and avoid eating junk foods. Kids are most often in a tendency to have fast food as it touches their appetite.

As we all know, kids lack their growth rate because of their increase in appetite. As an increase in appetite, they often search for delicious foods that will suit their taste and avoid homemade nutritional foods.

Therefore, parents must check these things as they may affect both their physical and mental health. There are various types of healthy foods that parents must know or research and include in their daily diet. “I was not aware of the list of healthy diet foods, but afterward I consulted a dietician who advised me some of the important names of food items,” says Meeta, who is an expert in Best fish finder under 500.

List of Healthy Food Items

You should start your day with healthy drinks. The healthy drinks for kids may include fresh one cup of milk, with other health drinks such as Horlicks, bournvita, complain, b protein, ensure and many others. The health drinks for the adults may include herbal tea, black coffee, or green tea.

Next, you can add fruits and berries to your healthy breakfast diet chart when you proceed towards your breakfast. Fruits and berries are some of the World’s best health foods. Apples, avocados, bananas, blueberries, oranges, and strawberries are a few of the fruits which can be served on your breakfast plates very easily. It rather needs no preparation; just cut the fruits, wash them and have them.

Besides these, you may have one to two eggs, one of the most nutritional foods on this planet. Besides these, you may have a sandwich, cornflakes, or bread toast in your breakfast meal which completes your stomach and keeps you healthy.

In between breakfast and lunch, if ever you feel hungry, you have several dry fruits, which include almond, cashew nuts, dates, macadamia nuts, chia seeds, walnuts, and many more.

Proceeding towards a lunch diet chart which includes meat, fish, and fresh vegetables. Unprocessed and gently cooked meat is one of the most nutritious foods you can eat. “Recently prepared a recipe of lamb meat which was too delicious as well as healthy,” says Tripti, who is an expert in best trimmer for balls.

Apart from this, you may include a cup of rice with fresh vegetable preparations like broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, cauliflower, garlic, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, and many more. Among fish and seafood, you may include salmon, sardines, shrimp, shellfish, tuna, trout, and many more.

All these items should be cooked with less oil and less spicy. Apart from rice, you may have oats, phulkas, quinoa, and many more. It would be best if you prepared your kids’ meals to get attracted towards it and avoid outside meals. The vegetables should be cleaned well before preparations. The fish and meat items should be prepared deliciously to attract the kids’ taste, but they should also be healthy.

After completing the lunch, you may add yogurt to your nutritional diet chart. “I really like yogurt after completing my meal as it helps balance the food value,” says Gurmeet, an expert in best flushing toilets.

Now coming to the dinner section, you may add vegetarian tortilla casserole, chicken soups with brown bread, and beefy stuffed sweet potato. You may add one cup of brown rice with any healthy fish items or light oil fresh vegetable noodles with egg stew or spicy fish.

Bacon and broccoli rice bowl with chicken pepper with corn stir fry can be another best option in this regard. The dinner preparation should be kept light as after the whole tiresome day you need a rest after having a light meal. The light dish will suit your digestive system and will keep you healthy.

In this COVID-19 situation, we should maintain our health and immune power to protect ourselves from the germ or virus spreader outside. Therefore, we should eat nutritional food and add the above-mentioned food list to our diet chart. “In this pandemic situation, we should concentrate on building our immune power and check our food habits,” says Satish, an expert in an online poetry class.


Therefore, the above-mentioned list of foods should be added to our daily diet, which can help us control our food habits and reduce overeating. Special attention should be given to the kids who most often choose to avoid the homemade boring foods and prefer the junk and unhealthy outside foods.

These kids should be encouraged to ignore the outside fast foods and maintain their daily diet by including healthy food items.

Therefore, the parents should prepare healthy food items deliciously to meet their kids’ expectations and satisfy their tastes.

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