Why PRINCE2 is such a valuable tool in the IT industry

PRINCE2 stands for Projects IN Controlled Environments and is one of the most popular and widely recognized qualifications for those taking part in project management. What’s more, the PRINCE2 qualification is also widely accepted globally, which makes enrolling in the PRINCE2 training course so important if you are looking to pursue any aspect of management.  The PRINCE2 qualification scheme offers you the chance to progress through the following three stages; foundation, practitioner and professional. As PRINCE2 is highly sought after by so many businesses and provides in-depth knowledge of both the technical and practical side of project management, those in the IT industry should invest their time in completing this valuable qualification as soon as possible.

IT Managers

As the skills you learn with PRINCE2 are transferable to all industries, it is easy to see why so many IT managers are taking to improving their skills by completing the course. IT managers have found the course beneficial in giving them a broader skill set and have taken the methodologies taught in PRINCE2 on board to improve their overall way of working. PRINCE2 also makes longer and more complex projects far more manageable for IT managers all around.


While the focus of undertaking a PRINCE2 course often appears to be on those who are looking to pursue becoming a project manager, we feel there is not enough emphasis placed on those surrounding managers. Analysts and other people who work closely with project managers will also find the PRINCE2 course informative as it will allow them to see how projects are managed and how the whole process works. This transforms how a project is run all round as it gives a better insight into how project management works and what it entails.

How does PRINCE2 work?

PRINCE2 is a powerful tool for anyone in the IT industry (and beyond, of course) looking to create a common vocabulary between everyone involved in a particular project to improve the process of communication. The course also covers all the aspects and responsibilities that a project manager should be aware of and will be involved in and gives a much better insight into other people’s needs.

If you are an IT manager and are looking to enhance your skill-set in a way that complements all the knowledge you have already, then a PRINCE2 qualification could be best next step forward to your career. PRINCE2 will allow you to understand better all the technicalities associated with the framework of projects and improve any of the softer management skills you may have been taught elsewhere. The diversity of individuals now looking to enrol into the course is a significant indicator of just how sought after and important the skills taught through PRINCE2 really are. Consider the relevancy of the PRINCE2 course for your work as an IT manager to increase your chances of success and career progression.

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