Why is 1xbet one of the highest-rated online casinos in the world?

Rating an online casino is not easy, even for people who do this for a living. Nowadays, the bar is high because numerous small companies managed to get a license from an offshore zone and started offering full-fledged online casinos. Like the popular brands, they’ve signed contracts with some of the leading software brands, which allows them to offer all sorts of games.


Although many online casinos seem similar on paper, the brands with more experience are in a league of their own. Speaking of the devil, one company is notorious for its world-class services, called 1xbet. This operator managed to become the preferred platform all over the world. Despite not having an active permit from most legislations, the brand uses alternative links and other things to promote its services. With that out of the way, it is time to see what makes this iGaming brand among the world’s highest-rated casinos.

The ability to instantly access some of the games you’ve played before 

Online casinos are usually home to thousands of titles if they work with many software suppliers. Naturally, the 1xbet casino was ranked really high by Silentbet because it is in a league of its own regarding the number of games. Fortunately, the same applies to some popular features, one of which is the option to play the most recent game you’ve tried before.

This feature is not accessible on many iGaming companies, especially those with more experience. Fortunately, 1xbet decided to offer it because it has thousands of titles. Some people might remember a random game they’ve played, but others will forget. So, to prevent them from having to go through the complete selection of titles, 1xbet allows them to access the game they’ve played in a matter of seconds.

Besides this feature, the iGaming company also allows punters to add the games to favorites. Moreover, it has a search bar, where users can type the name of a given title and put it to the test. Speaking of testing, 1xbet is also one of the companies with a practice mode, which means bettors can experience some things for free.

The payment options are diverse and allow a wide range of online bettors to put the platform to the test

Aside from the impressive number of casino games and features, 1xbet has one huge advantage over some of its competitors. Since it is available in several countries across multiple continents, it should feature a wide range of online payment options. Unlike other big names in the business, the 1xbet review from Silentbet shows us that this company knows what it is doing.

Everyone who wants to use this online casino has to create an account and pick one available payment solutions. Naturally, 1xbet offers a wide range of digital wallets, including the most popular alternatives. Furthermore, the brand provides credit/debit card payments, which continue to be the go-to option for many. Sadly, many countries where 1xbet is not legalized won’t allow local iGaming fans to make payments using their cards. That’s why the online casino slowly started offering more alternatives.

People who dislike e-wallets and debit/credit cards can also use digital currencies. Cryptocurrencies are most likely going to be the leading online payment solution for online betting because they are decentralized. Consequently, iGaming fans can make deposits and withdrawals without worrying about potential problems.

The different language options

The last reason why some people prefer to use 1xBet over most other iGaming platforms is the site’s numerous language options. After reading the 1xbet analysis, we can see that the brand offers more than 65 language options. This means that bettors from many countries have the opportunity to use the site’s services in their native language. Needless to say, this will improve their overall experience.

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