Why Invest in a Good Pool Cover?

You also own an investment when you own a pool. Your pool is not something you purchase for a single occasion, especially considering the construction cost. Regardless of the time of year, you should maintain it routinely. Your swimming pool has to be maintained, whether that means checking the chemistry, skimming for floating debris, cleaning the wall and floor to avoid algae accumulation, or shocking it. Using a swimming pool cover is among the greatest strategies to safeguard and preserve your pool.


Too many pool owners neglect to get high-quality covers, which is a problem since it exposes your pool to trash and toxins. A quality pool cover is an investment that can help you maintain your pool, especially in the off-season. They may offer excellent help over the summer as well. For your pool to run properly and be safe to swim in, it is your duty as the owner to maintain it.

If you have children, you understand how crucial it is to make your pool a secure area even when it’s not in use. Pool covers are essential to maintain a safe environment around the pool and outside of it.

Your pool cover should completely seal every poolside. Anyone, regardless of age, who accidentally falls into the pool is prevented by this seal. Depending on your pool cover, if someone falls on it, it will feel similar to landing on the ground or a waterbed. Automatic pool covers are simple to use and relieve any tension with owning a pool.

Various Pool Cover Types

There are several pool covers available, and each serves a different function. Several of the most popular pool coverings include:

  • Thermal Cover: A blanket-like device that retains heat in the water by acting as an insulator. They also provide UV protection for your pool.
  • Solar pool covers are the most economical choice. They keep your pool warm by lowering evaporation, much like thermal coverings. To heat your pool, they do, however, absorb solar energy.
  • Safety pool covers: Like other covers, these deflect sunlight while preventing debris from getting into your pool. However, a safety cover prevents accidents by keeping children and animals from falling in.
  • While conventional pool covers must be positioned manually, an automatic pool cover may be opened and closed with the touch of a button. They offer additional protection and are significantly safer than most alternatives. They do cost extra, and a professional installation is required.
  • Winter pool covers are seasonally available and aid with weather and debris protection. A winter cover cannot support the weight of tiny animals, kids, or large debris since water bags or weights often hold them.

Blocks unwanted debris

The fact that a swimming pool cover safeguards your pool is among its most significant features. Your pool is constantly at risk of being clogged with unwelcome detritus, regardless of the season. Your pool may become unsanitary due to water runoff from your deck and the surrounding area carrying dirt, filth, and other contaminants. Covering your pool may reduce the quantity of water runoff and debris entering the water.

Additionally, high winds may sweep heavy debris, such as leaves, on stormy days, into the area from surrounding yards. These leaves eventually cause a waterlog and drop to the pool’s bottom. After that, they can break down and block your filter. During bad weather, twigs and branches might fall into your pool and worsen things. A pool cover may stop undesired material, both big and small, from entering and jeopardizing your pool, whether you are closing your pool for the winter or wish to safeguard it when it’s not in use during the summer.

Stops Water Loss

Your swimming pool will inevitably lose water due to evaporation, no matter the season. The heat accelerates water evaporation more quickly than typical in the summer. Water can evaporate even when your pool isn’t used in the winter. Evaporation happens in nature. However, by investing in a suitable pool cover, you may lower the rate of water loss and delay evaporation. A good pool cover will help you save time and water.

Limit the growth of algae

One of the biggest dangers to your pool is algae. In addition to being unsightly, algae may clog your filters and cause poor water circulation in your swimming pool. Your water’s chemistry may also be significantly impacted. Algae don’t flourish as much while your pool is in use and the water is being circulated. However, algae blooms may form fast because your pool isn’t used throughout the fall and winter. When you reopen your pool, cleaning may be costly and time-consuming. If your pool is covered, you can stop or at least reduce the formation of algae throughout the winter.

Maintains Heat

Owning a pool cover has the added benefit of keeping the heat in. Both warm and chilly months may use this. It holds heat for longer during the cooler months, allowing you to swim longer while using less energy to heat the pool. Additionally, you prevent water loss through evaporation, which prevents the water in your pool from freezing.

By reducing the amount of pool heating necessary in the summer since the pool will retain heat, you may save time and energy. The wait time to go swimming won’t be as long.

Accidents are avoided

Accidents can and do happen, which is regrettable. People can accidentally stroll into a pool and drown if they are not careful. This is an issue for small kids who cannot swim in particular. Pets and other small animals may approach your pool for a sip of water, fall in, and drown if there are no fences or gates surrounding it. You can stop small animals, kids, and anybody else from unintentionally falling into your pool and drowning by putting on a swimming pool cover.


You can see that spending money on a high-quality pool cover will help you save time, money, and effort. A pool cover may assist with pool care and safeguard your pool at any time of year. Experts advise pool owners to get one.

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