Why Interactive Voice Response Systems are So Popular in Call Centers

We all have to deal with a call center at one point or another. Most service suppliers and large groups for customer service use them. These days, it has become rare that a person answers immediately when a customer calls, as it is the IVR that will filter them first. These interactive voice response systems have been put in place for many reasons. Here are some of the most popular ones. 

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They can transfer the Call to the Right Person Every Time

What you have to know is that an IVR is part of a larger VoIP phone system. It is software that controls all company communication, including the calls coming in or going out. It can have many other software and applications attached to it to facilitate the work of employees and provide the best customer service possible. When reaching a call center that uses one of them, you may think that the IVR is only there to gain time while an agent frees himself. But that would be wrong. The interactive voice response system could be taking many actions in an automated fashion to direct your call to the right person. It will ask what you are calling about while verifying who is the last agent you spoke to on your ultimate phone call. According to who is available, the responses you gave, and the availability of the agent you already know, it will make a decision and finally transfer the call. Other elements could also be at play, such as your language, level of importance for the company, etc.

They ensure that Customers are served Through their Preferred Channel

When you contact a company these days, you don’t wonder how they would like you to do so. Not long ago, you had no choice but to pick up a phone and reach the call center. Nowadays, you can get in touch with a business in so many different ways, and you probably do it without thinking about it. This new era is called omnichannel. And if you wonder who stands behind every (virtual) door to answer you, we have the answer for you: The interactive voice response system. If you send an e-mail, a WhatsApp message, another one on Messenger, or drop a line on their website, chances are it is the IVR that will immediately send you an automated response. Depending on the content of your message, it will find its way to the person best fit to reply, always according to the IVR.

They increase Customer Satisfaction

How can a machine do such a thing as increase the quality of customer service? Because it analyses each exchange, it can satisfy each client best the next time they call. Before, everyone was provided with the same service, but with the IVR, each individual receives responses and is sent messages adapted to his precise needs. Of course, the total data accumulated also serve to grow the general population of customer satisfaction as well. 

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