Who You Should Buy College Essays and Papers Online from: Newbies vs. Experienced Writers

If you’ve made up your mind to buy college essays online on OnlineCollegeEssay.com, you’d better thoroughly think about the actual people who will prepare your assignment for you. Often paper writing companies assign writers to the orders by themselves, or the system does it automatically. But what if you had a choice and could pick a writer? Who would you choose: a newbie or an experienced expert? Let’s see all the pros and cons of both.

Why Buy College Papers and Essays Online from Newly-Minted Writers

In case you think that newbies only wreak havoc in the masses, you’re partly right (but only partly). When you buy college essays online from eager academic specialists who are only starting their careers, you may get:

  • Cheap services (and not necessarily of low quality);
  • A fresh look at different subjects;
  • More awareness of advanced technologies;
  • Not clichéd style of academic writing;
  • A desire to do their best even if it involves hundreds of revisions, sleepless nights, or some additional free help.

Of course, there are disadvantages because you can come across a hardly diligent or decent newbie and get a plagiarized pre-written dissertation instead of an original term paper. It may not meet a single requirement in your instructions. But it’s a matter of luck, and sometimes you risk and strike a good deal, and sometimes …

College Essays and Papers for Sale from Experienced Academic Writers

Experts with decent background knowledge in essay writing have their own benefits:

  • They can write on more complicated topics;
  • You can order research papers and capstone projects without fearing the consequences;
  • Due to the experience, they are more likely to deliver the service on time;
  • They know more about citation styles and formats;
  • They have possibly chosen a particular field of study and certain types of academic papers and developed in this one direction to become pros at it.

But, again, there is no guarantee that you’ll pay money to a supposedly proficient writer and get an excellent paper for sale. And this is the most significant disadvantage of an online purchase.

Custom writing companies state on their websites that they check each writer’s application for work, and a candidate is obliged to go through various tests. But you can’t know for sure whether this or that writer will satisfy your “write my assignment” request in the best way because he/she is a newbie or an experienced pro. Such things are not determinants in matters like that, so don’t judge writers solely by the number of years they are in the academic industry.

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