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What Your Electronic Manufacturing Service Should Do For Your Electronic Assembly

One of the common mistakes that many manufacturers make is not expecting more out of their electronic contract manufacturing partner. There are many electronic contract manufacturers out there that will do the bare minimum — meaning that they will limit the assembly that they do based on whatever documentation and instructions are provided to them. However, an electronic contract manufacturing partner should do more than just this.

When looking for an electronic contract manufacturer to work with, find out if they will do the following:

Effort to Learn About The Product

Don’t work with an electronic contract manufacturing partner that doesn’t care. Look for a partner that takes a proactive approach to understand the inner workings of what they are assembling. The more that they know about the product’s functionality and end use, the more effectively they’ll be able to put it together.

Ensure the Part is Manufacturable

A reliable partner will make sure that the part is electrically correct as well as manufacturable instead of just following the instructions that you have provided. They should make recommendations to help enhance your products’ manufacturability if possible. For example, they should be able to look through the complete design plan of your product and pinpoint any potential issues as well as offer solutions to those issues. If you have an electronic contract partner that doesn’t look for potential problems, then there’s always the risk that they will manufacture parts to a product that may end up not functioning the way it should.

Offer Box Builds

Working with multiple electronic contract manufacturers is possible, but not very efficient. And the more partners you have, the more possibilities there are that something will go wrong with your electronic assembly. Instead, look for an electronic contract manufacturer that offers box builds. Box builds are basically complete assemblies, which means that the boards, backplane, din rail, wires, and every else can be combined into your final product in a single location. It’s a much more cost-efficient way to assemble your project and reduces the risk of miscommunication.

When searching for an electronic contract manufacturer for your electronic assembly, don’t settle for less.

At the very least, you should find a partner that can offer design, manufacturing, testing, distribution, returns, and repair services. Because there are so many electronic contract manufacturers out there, find out if they offer some of the previously listed services.

 By doing so, you’ll have a better chance of forming a strong partnership that will improve the quality of your product and help to make your electronic assembly much more cost-effective.

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