What You Should Know About UVC Cleaning Systems

Bacteria, viruses, and other types of pathogens are part of our everyday lives. They are responsible for various infections and illnesses, some of which can be fatal. That’s why it’s important to protect yourself and make your working and living safe and secure. There are multiple ways to keep your home and office space in top-notch condition.


Aside from the traditional disinfection methods, the rise of technology has provided us with innovative options. These will ensure you are spending your time in an environment that will not in any way harm your health. The one method that stands out is certainly UVC cleaning systems. 

Let’s see how this system works and what types of benefits it brings to those who use it. 

What is UVC Light? 

The disinfection method that has become increasingly popular in the last several years is UVC light. As seen in Healthy Sole videos, the surfaces we walk on are a breeding ground for numerous infectious agents. UVC products prevent people from bringing microbes into private and commercial buildings, ensuring the health safety stays at the highest possible level.

With this sanitization method, you will be able to use short-wave ultraviolet light between 200 and 280 nanometers to kill all the bacteria and other harmful microbes. The method is used for that purpose in different fields, including healthcare and food industries. 

The ‘C’ in this term refers to the wavelength most germicidal in the UV spectrum. It penetrates the pathogen’s cell, altering its DNA and destroying them or making them inactive. By implementing this type of disinfection, you will show that you care for the well-being of your family members, workers, patients, and alike.   

Highly Effective in Killing Pathogens 

When it comes to these types of products, the clients are most interested in their effectiveness. After all, if you invest money in something, you want to be sure it will provide you with desired results. And that’s exactly what UVC products will do. The studies done by some independent institutions show that UVC light is a highly efficient way of sanitizing your home and working spaces.

Some of these studies have shown that the effectiveness rate of UVC is 99.9 % when it comes to getting rid of dangerous and contagious microbes. They have included pathogens such as HIV, Ebola, and MRSA virus surrogates into these analyses. By scientific measures, UVC systems represent reliable protection against these invisible enemies and have great results.


How Do You Use UVC Products? 

One of the biggest perks of using these products is that they don’t require a high level of expertise or demand users to process a complicated process. Most of the time, they will need just one simple training session and be completely equipped to handle any products. Some systems have a motion detector meaning they will not start a disinfection procedure before making sure the room is empty. 

Also, some of them can be started remotely. So, people responsible for this procedure don’t have to wear protective equipment to activate them. All in all, it’s a simple and easy process, and it usually doesn’t take long for it to be done. Depending on the power of the bulbs used and the size of the space you want to disinfect, it might take as little as 5 minutes. 

Financial Benefits are High 

When you buy any product, you want to know that it will serve you well enough and long enough, so you don’t feel like you wasted your money. Return on Investment is an important part of every purchase consideration, especially when it comes to businesses. When it comes to UVC systems, you will not have to face many recurring costs. After buying the product, the only costs you will have to face come from test strips and light bulbs. 

These devices will also pay off in the sense that they are mobile, allowing you to use them in multiple rooms and facilities. It would be best to consider that the infection rates have significantly risen in the recent past. So, ensuring your living and personal environment is protected from pathogens will give you an upper hand in more ways than one. 

If you’re considering buying UVC products, these are some of the most important things you need to know. There is no doubt these systems have proven to be a treasured addition to any living and working environment. They will ensure your environment is completely safe by eliminating all the infectious agents.

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