What is the Likert Scale and How to Use It?

Have you done an analysis or a survey and neither approved nor disapproved some of your questions?

This type of question is part of the Likert scale. A Likert Scale is extensively utilized to assess opinions, ideas as well as attitudes with a higher level of nuance than a simple no or yes question. Read on to know more about the Likert scale, to see some samples, and why this tool is beneficial.

Likert Scale Overview

The survey scale shows a set of answer choices, verbal or numeric, which covers an array of ideas and beliefs on a subject matter. Survey scales are always included in closed-ended queries that show the interviewee with a pre-populated answer option.

According to Wikipedia, the Likert scale is quite popular due to its reliable and precise ways of measuring opinions, behaviors as well as perceptions. Not like binary questions that provide users just two choices of answers, the type of questions at the Likert Scale will get you further granular reaction and comment on whether the item was adequately enough or superb. They can assist you in choosing whether a current business activity left workers feeling content, a bit contended, or neutral.

Likert Scare enables you to discover levels of behaviors and opinion which make a huge difference in knowing the response you are acquiring. Also, it can identify the areas where you like to get your product or service is better.

Likert scale questions utilized in various sorts of assessments and surveys, it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to know what your clients think of your new service or how your workers feel on their latest projects.

How to Analyze Likert Scale Data

In Likert Scales, the response categories have a rank order; however intervals between values can’t be presumed the same. So, the mean are in appropriate for ordinal data.

Statistic you can make use of are:

  • Summarize with the use of a mode or a median: the mode is perhaps the best for simple interpretation.
  • Show the distribution of observations in a bar. It doesn’t have to be histogram as the data isn’t continuous. 

When the Likert Scale is Use?

Because there are many sorts of survey questions available out there, you need to know when you must use Likert scale questions. 

Likert Scale is ideal for dig down deep into the particular subject to know the opinion of others. Therefore, consider utilizing this tool each time you want to know more on: 

  • What the employees think of a current progress in the business
  • How clients are responding to the new service or product you offer 
  • How customers feel about the service you offer 

Or any important queries where you want to assess reaction and attitude on a specific issue or development. 


In general, the Likert Scale is an extremely useful question if you want to get an overall measurement of reaction on a specific subject, experience or opinion, and also to gather specific information on factors that add to that reaction.

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