What is The Fibonacci Betting System?

Leonardo Pisano Bigolloalso known as Fibonacci, was a mathematician who came up with a sequence that can be applied in real-life situations to cover previous losses. According to this Fibonacci sequence, every new number equals the total of the previous two numbers.


In betting, it is a progressive betting system where you increase the stakes every time you lose. In gambling, there is a lot of numbers and math, which makes it possible to use this Fibonacci sequence to recover previous losses. This sequence works on the fact that if you win with a higher stake than you had previously lost, what you gain will be enough to cover what you lost.

How does it work?

There are a few rules that you must follow if you want to apply this betting system. The first one is that you should pick one betting unit. That will entirely depend on your budget or even your financial limitations. That means if you decide to start betting with $2, then that is what you will progressively use.

It is advisable to start betting using the smaller units. When you lose or keep losing, it could be a manageable loss if you start with smaller units. You also don’t have to stake so high the second time because you will just add up the last two units, which were small units.

Here is an example of how this system works:-

  • Bet $1 until you lose. Then bet $2.
  • If you win at $2, then return to $1.
  • If you lose, then bet $3.
  • If you win, return to $1.

According to the logic applied here, you only add the amount when you lose. When you win it remains the same. The sequence grows through losses.

Analysis of the Fibonacci Betting System

This betting system only works when there are wins along the way. For someone who keeps losing, they could go bankrupt still following the sequence. There has to be a win after a series of losses for the sequence to prove beneficial. Otherwise, you will just lose more money with every new bet you place.

It is not entirely unreliable. For people with an unlimited bankroll, this is a very effective way of betting. This is because no matter how many times they lose, they will still have enough money to stake a higher bet than the previous one. If your budget is limited, this is only best for short-term results. If you don’t score a win within the first few bets then you should not keep going.

Most gamblers use Fibonacci betting systems and end up feeling cheated. When you get the sequence right, you can work your way through it and actually get returns. But it entirely depends on your winning luck. That is the only thing that can make it practical for you.

The most important thing to note is that if you don’t have enough money to stake through loses, it won’t work for you. There is also the aspect of knowing which games you’re likely to win more than you lose. These are the best games to use the Fibonacci sequence with. Once you have established all that, you can now bet with mobile at LeoVegas website and wait for your wins.

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